Auggie Smith on Bob and Tom.

I was listening to Bob and Tom and they replayed a bit from Auggie Smith talking about children on leashes. I will post as much as I can remember but you have to find it and listen to it your self because I can’t do it justice.

Have you seen the kids being led around on a leash? What the hell are their parents thinking, did they have the baby and get a dog at the same time and could only afford the one book? Do these parents also have a baby stake in the front yard with a chain on it? And I sure that being on a leash as a young child won’t affect these people when their forty, I can see them now sitting in the psychiatrist’s office as they unzip their mouth and take the ball gag out and say doc I guess this all started when the most important person in my life during my formative years would put me on a leash and walk me around the mall and then pull my pants down and spank me in front of everyone when I did something wrong.

Now again I can’t now do this justice but you get the idea, it was VERY funny!

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