Arrested Development (Season Four)

I recently finished watching the forth season of Arrested Development on Netflix and if there is a fifth season I don’t know if I’ll be watching it.  While at first it was nice to see one of my favorite comedy shows back on, I soon realized that this wasn’t my show, this was the slow cousin of that show.  The pacing is gone, the show doesn’t keep moving like it once did, now it drags the viewer through the same short time span over and over at a snails pace.  I had to force myself to watch the last three episodes because I was so disgusted and bored with this show that I really didn’t care about finishing the season.

Netflix either needs to make the movie and then call it quits, or make season five with the original format and pacing.  Also they have to do one or the other because they left way to much unexplained at the end of season four.  Alright Netflix, time to step up and make things right.