So I just finished the film Antichrist staring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg and let me say, WHAT A WASTE OF FILM! It’s an indie art film and normally going into an indie art film I can understand that and appreciate the film, but good god was this bad! This was just an excuse to show people having sex, and play mind games. I mean really if you want to see Willem Dafoe’s cock and balls in the first five minutes of a film then see this, and if you want to see that same cock cum blood in the last thirty minutes then see this, and if you want to see Charlotte Gainsbourg take a pair of scissors and cut off her own clit then see this. Now this is just a few of the fucked up things that happen in this film trust me I’m not giving away all the gory parts. I just can’t believe that I sat though this whole piece of shit…

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