Another reader alternative.

So now that Google Reader has been shut down and everyone has moved on and found other readers I’d like to talk about one that I’ve found and have come to love.

First let me say that yes I tried Feedly but I just didn’t like it, it seemed slow and when I imported my Reader info some things were missing and after manually adding the missing feeds they would be gone the next time I opened up the reader.  So for me Feedly is out.

Next is the Digg Reader, not being a fan of Digg and preferring Reddit I didn’t try this one, I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews about it though.  If you’re a Digg user already I’d say this is probably the way to go for you.

The AOL reader….din’t try it, not going to try it.

Now for the reader that I’ve found to be my personal favorite, CommaFeed I could go on and on about this but I will try to make this brief.  The design is simple and clean, everything works flawlessly, it’s open source, and there are browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.  I honestly love the reader and I just thought I’ve been using it and I wanted to put the word out there since I’ve never seen it discussed in any way when talking about Reader alternatives.  If you’re still looking for a good Reader replacement I’d say check out CommaFeed.