Annual Business Services Scam Alert

As some of you know I am a business owner here in Ohio, well today I received a form from Annual Business Services saying that I had to Enter the name of each Stock holder (I have none), list the Board of Directors (there isn’t a Board of Directors), and list all Officers in the company (there aren’t any).  Then I have to provide contact information, and give them $125.00 by Aug 1st 2014.

I did a quick Google search and found that this a a scam, the Ohio Secretary of State’s website has a notice that this is not real, they don’t say scam, but it’s a scam.  Don’t be fooled by these people, Ohio law does NOT require businesses to file corporate minutes.  Don’t pay these people a cent, and file a report with the Ohio Attorney General.

Here’s a link to the Secretary of State report

Here’s a link to the Ohio Attorney General’s office.