An open letter to Netflix about the new rating system.

I am writing about the new “Thumbs” rating system, please remove it immediately.  I am less likely to rate something if it’s just an up or down vote, I need some nuance, if I liked something but only as a one time watch I want to give it 3 stars, now if I liked something but only as a one time watch I just won’t rate it because that would messed up any recommendations I get down the road.

As for the recommendations I’ve received since this Quickstar 2.0 was introduced, I’ve been told that shows like iZombie are 96% for me and EVERY Netflix original is 95% or higher.  Let me give you a little context so you can understand why I bring this up, I watch Sons of Anarchy, Star Trek, and WW2 documentaries, and more of the some, does that sound like something interested in iZombie?  No, I used to trust the rating system, if I saw a 4 star or above I added it to my queue without thinking because Netflix is mostly right, now not a chance once I saw that your new system has no idea what I like and heavily weights your own content regardless of if I’ll like it or not I refuse to trust it anymore.

I won’t delete my account right now but if this doesn’t go back to the old system soon I will.  I’m an Amazon Prime member so I have that video, I have over 200 movies and over 20 TV shows on my Vudu account, and now that Hulu has an ad free level I might try it out since I’ve been hearing good things about their originals.  Needless to say I have options and don’t need Netflix, I’ve only stuck with Netflix because I’ve invested so much time that I didn’t want to have to redo it all, but now thanks to the new system I’d have to redo it all any way so what’s stopping me from leaving?  I stayed when you started the auto play on previews, I stayed when clicking on a title to get more information auto played instead of giving me a damn choice in the matter, but this is it, I’m done putting up with this crap, stop forcing crap we don’t want on us and listen to the customer!  If you don’t get your heads out of your own asses soon you’re going to lose consumer confidence and once you’ve lost that market share is gone too.

TL;DR:  The new rating system sucks, and if you don’t get rid of it I will stop giving you money.


Mike Oplinger (Netflix member since 2003)