American Sniper

American Sniper is the story of Chris Kyle, and US Navy SEAL Sniper deployed 4 times to Iraq, based on the book of the same name.  The film is an emotional roller coaster, you’ll see the highs and the lows of a warrior, and you’ll see the emotional and physical toll war takes on our warriors.  I’ve seen a lot of controversy surrounding this film and I’d just like to say that the people calling Chris Kyle a murder should also thank him for his service to this country because it’s in the United States that you have the freedom to say those things, no matter how much of a scumbag it makes you.  Look I was against the Iraq war from the beginning, but like it or not the troops were there and Chris Kyle was protecting his fellow warriors, it wasn’t his job to protest the war, his job was to do what the Commander-in-Chief ordered him to do, and that was protect his fellow warriors and take out terrorists.  Is it Hollywood propaganda?  A little.  But it’s also showing you people what warriors go though and tremendous toll it takes on them and their families.  Maybe all those who say this is Hollywood propaganda and glorifies murder should take a second look and actually watch the film and see the real story.
Protest the government, not the troops.


Amazing.  Obviously it’s not going to be able to tell the whole story in just two hours, but what you see is powerful.  The horrible choices his forced to make, the toll those choices take on him, the hardship his family goes though, it’s all enough to make you want to cry.  Knowing it’s true just makes it hit you even harder.


Well there really isn’t any, and I like that.  The fact that there really isn’t any music in this film just heightens the tense feelings and drama.


Bradly Cooper was fantastic, he dove into this part and really made me believe he was Chris Kyle, he didn’t even look or sound like himself, it was just amazing.  If you watch the making of documentary for American Sniper you’ll see just how much he did to play the part perfectly, his dedication to a single roll is astounding.  Truly I think Bradly Cooper is one of the best actors of this generation.  Sienna Miller was great, he could be snarky and loving and frantic all without taking it to far.  She also impressed me with her level of dedication to her part as you can see in the make of documentary.


A must see film.  Everyone should see this film at least once, and if you don’t get the true story about the toll war takes on the warrior and the family then you need to watch it again and understand what the film is trying to tell you.  This film is not glorifying murder, it’s exposing what war does to the people who fight it and those whom they love.  So rent it, buy it, what ever you do, just see it.  I know it’s been added to my collection.