Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Well I just finished watching Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and having read the book first I will tell you the story of the film just a closely as the film told the story in the book:

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter tell’s the story of Abraham Lincoln, a wayward cyborg in her mid teens who is elected president of alpha centauri after a long life of hunting mordacks all over the universe.  Then he joins rings with her twin and morfs into a dog to roam the bottom of the sea forever.

My description of the film is as close to the film as the film is to the book.  Seriously only 2% of this film bared any resemblance to the book, it was total shit.  I can understand omitting a few things to make the film flow smoothly but this had nothing to do with the book!  Which is sad because the book was great, it’s something I could read several times and enjoy every time, but this film I will never suffer though again.

Avoid this film at all costs!  Just read the book and enjoy it.