A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Well I just finished watching A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas and wow was this a disappointment. First of all you have to have a 3D TV and a 3D version of the film to really get everything out of it, and since I have a 32 inch SDTV I don’t think I got everything. One that can we please stop with the 3D shit, no one is buying into it, it failed in the 1950’s the 60’s, the 70’s the 80’s the 90’s and for the past twelve years, take a hint Hollywood, 3D fucking sucks!

Ok sorry about that, back to the review. The acting was not the problem, everyone played their parts perfectly and the jokes about the real life situations of Kal Penn working at the White House and Neil Patrick Harris being gay were played off perfectly. The problem is the over emphasis on the 3D and not really paying attention to the story, it seemed like it was just a bunch of random ideas thrown together, hell there was fucking claymation! This really needs to be the last Harold & Kumar film, the producers have milked it for everything it’s worth and left the series in the gutter to twitch in pain while it dies a slow death. I understand it’s a stoner film but come on, not everyone who enjoys these films are high, maybe if they had put a little more thought into the script this wouldn’t have been a train wreck.

I’m just going to stop here, I’m to disgusted to write anymore….

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