A reqeust to Leo Laporte for TWiG

After watching episode# 211 of TWiG I’ve decided that this needs to be said.  First of all Bruce Schneier was great, and Matt Cutts was great, Kevin Marks….I really wish you would stop having him on.  His constant need to be outside when he’s broadcasting is annoying, between the wind noise, birds, and passing cars it’s really distracting.  Also I’ve noticed something that happens more when he is on with Gina he will interrupt more often, and will talk over others making sure that nothing can be understood.  Leo I’m begging you stop having Kevin Marks on Twig, I love the show but when Kevin is on I turn it off, the only reason I didn’t immediately turn off EP# 211 was that I wanted to see what Bruce had to say, but once Bruce was gone and Kevin started talking I gave up and didn’t finish the show.

I love TWiG and it’s one of the shows I like to watch every week, I even sit through the ads without skipping, I may not buy what you’re selling but I’m getting free media and in return I’ll give two minutes for you’re ad.  I will say that when I set up my Ting account last year I used the TWiG discount code, and I recently dropped Sprint and switched over to Ting as my main carrier.

Leo it’s your show and your network, I’m just saying that every time Kevin Marks is on TWiG you will have one less viewer, I’ve stopped watching TNT completely due to Sarah Lane.