A letter to Netflix.

I am writing this to Netflix since their contact page just sends you in a loop back to that same page, and when I call the help number I get a busy signal so I figure I’ll just put it out there and see what happens.

I was just wondering why my instant queue keeps taking random titles and moving them to the bottom of my queue. Some times it’s one title some times it’s more, I’ve had over 10 titles moved the bottom of my queue before. Last week I moved the same three titles every day, and then it stopped and I thought maybe you had gotten this problem fixed, then today I log on to find that 5 titles are at the bottom of my queue.

Now I know this may seem like something that shouldn’t be a big issue, and really it’s not hurting me, it’s just annoying. I have an upgraded membership with FeedFlix and so I order my instant queue according to expiry dates so that I won’t miss out on seeing a title that I want to see. Now when you reorder my queue for me without telling me, that screws up that plan, again it’s not the worst thing in the world it’s just annoying to have to check every day then figure out where each title goes in the list. So please look into this problem, I don’t know how many other people are having this problem but I’m getting really sick of it.

Agian the reason I resorted to this blog post was due to the fact that your “Contact Us” link just sends me in a loop back to the very same page, and when I called your help number (1-866-716-0414) I got a busy signal not put on hold, I just couldn’t get though. I just wanted to alert you to this issue and now I have to admit I’m getting kind of pissed due to the lack of customer service I can find. I remember when I signed up in the summer of 2003 if I had a problem I could go to the help page, write I message in the box provided and get a response by email within an hour. Now in 2011 there is no way to send an email and the phone number is a busy signal! Netflix I love you, but you really need to shape up on the help page, this is just shameful.

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