300,000 miles on my 2005 Pontiac Vibe

Well tonight at 10:18 P.M. EST my 2005 Pontiac Vibe hit 300,000 miles.  I’m a little pissed though because Pontiac/Toyota won’t let the odometer go past 299,999.  So now my odometer is stuck at 299,999 and seeing how I write down my mileage every night this is going to make it a bit difficult to accurately record my mileage every night.  I’ve done some research online and there is only one solution and that is to have the entire gauge cluster replaced which will cost $500 to $700 depending on where I get it done, and even then all that does is reset my odometer to zero.

I just don’t understand why a digital odometer can’t just keep going till it hits 999,999 then roll over, or hell if the makers didn’t have faith in their vehicle then at least let it roll over to zero when it hits 299,999!  This is ridiculous how am I supposed to keep track of when to do maintenance when I can’t keep track of the mileage?

Also how do they get those odometers to 500,000 in the commercials?  Couldn’t that be considered false advertising?  They say the odometer goes up to 500,000 but really it only goes up to 299,999, that’s false advertising if you ask me.