Resign To Run

With the 2016 Presidential Primary’s going on and everyone talking about reform, and doing their job, and blah blah blah, I thought I’d throw out an idea I’ve had for several  years now.  Of all the candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties we’ve had 3 sitting state Governors, and 5 United States Senators, all out campaigning and running for a new job as President.

Now when you are looking for a new job does your employer allow you to skip work to go job hunt?  I don’t think so.  These people were elected to do a job, and if they want to go ask for a new job they need to give up their current job.  I’m from Ohio and right now my Governor John Kasich is running for President instead of focusing on running the state, and I know there are other people doing most of the work and he can be in contact with them at any time but that’s not the point, he can’t be focused on matters important to Ohio because he’s focused on his campaign.  And this goes for everyone, you can’t focus on the job you were elected to do if you are focused on campaigning for a different job, you have to pick one.

Let’s face facts, these people are being paid by the public to represent them and that’s it.  And what are they doing their running for President and not representing the people who are paying them.  Does that seem right?  No, of course not.  That’s why I’m proposing we demand the following rule for every state and the federal government.

The rule

If you are currently holding an elected office and wish to run for a new elected office, you must resign from your current office so that someone else can take the position and focus on the job you were elected to do.

I know I’m not the first to suggest this, in fact Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, and Texas already have this.  But this needs to be a universal law, I don’t care if your an elected Dog Catcher running for City Council, or a united States Senator running for President, if you want to run for a different job then the one your are currently holding then you have to give up your current job.

There is a term for this it’s called the “Resign to run law” and it should be imposed on every elected office.  So here is what I think should be done, I want everyone to CLICK THIS LINK and create a petition for their state (and someone please make one for the federal government too) and then send me a link and I will post it on the Resign To Run page that can be found on the bar above.  If some reason you would prefer to use a different online petition service that’s fine, I’ll link to it, I just used the petition service since it seems to be the best at the moment.

So look through the list of petitions on the Resign To Run page and if you don’t see your state petition created it and send me a link HERE.