So when Steven Colbert debuted on The Late Show I tested out the CBS All Access app on my Roku.  It’s easy to set up, just install the app and […]

So for any of you that have been reading this blog over the past year you’r going to notice something different, well it’s a long story but I’ll try to […]

Lucy is a film that you go into with the mindset of a superhero movie, if you go into it thinking it’s going to be be based totally on facts then […]

Citizenfour is an interesting film, it’s a documentary about Edward Snowden as he was preparing to release the NSA spying documents.  Most of the film takes place in Snowden’s hotel room in Hong Kong, and while that […]

Justice League: Gods and Monsters takes an interesting twist on the origin stories of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, it take place in an alternate universe where the characters are very different and so […]