March 2013

Seeing pure beauty And feeling only pain The devils fork I fear not For equal pain it can not bring Sitting in the darkness To see the light Sucoming to […]

Well tonight has been total shit!  First I was worried about someone and thought they hadn’t made it home until I saw Instagram pictures of them making dinner so at […]

Imagine your dealing with a great internal struggle to try and figure out how to be the friend the person you care most for needs while not letting your emotions get in […]

Laying in bed,Thoughts swirling in my head,Lacking any motivation,To get up from my location,Nightmares while I sleep,Awake wanting to weep,Will they come true,Or can we once again pull through,Only time […]

Racing heart,Fearing being forever apart,Acted like an asshole,Now I’m paying the toll,I can’t stop shaking,My heart is aching,How do I say I’m sorry,Will you even hear my plea,Breaking down,Will you […]