John Carter

Well I just finished watching John Carter And I have mixed feeling about it.  First the story was interesting and was the film adaptation of A Princess of Mars (1917), The CGI was amazing as you would expect these days, the non-CGI cast was good nothing really stood out but they didn’t suck!  The one thing I’ll say about the cast is Taylor Kitsch (A.K.A. John Carter) looks a lot like Timothy Olyphant‘s character in Justified Raylan Givens.

Second for what I didn’t like about it, the film never really drew me in, most of the time I felt like I should be watching this, but not like I want to watch this.  The story did seem to jump around a lot and if you didn’t pay attention you could miss something and get lost.  Lastly the film is 132 minutes long and thankfully I watched the first hour before going to work then finished it when I got home or else I don’t know if I could have sat all the way though in one sitting, I had a hard enough time watching with a break in between.

Now I’m not saying that this was a bad film, not by any means, I’m just saying it was an alright film that is a one time watch and a rental only.  I saw that the sequel has been put on hold due to poor box office sales and honestly I’m neither surprised or saddened by that, one film was enough.