September 2012

Ok I just finished The Avengers and wow was that good!  I had high expectations for this film from all the buzz I heard when it was in theaters but it […]

Well I just finished watching J. Edgar and it was just alright.  The acting was good, with a cast like that it better be good!  Leonardo DiCaprio play Hoover very well, […]

Recently I watched Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and while it’s wasn’t great it’s a good one time watch.  It’s mostly like the rest of the Mission Impossible films, over the top, totally unrealistic, but […]

Would you hate me if I said that I care,Would you say that I was unfair,Would you hate me if I just walked away,Would you forgive me one day,If I […]

Words create the cell,That lock me in a personal hell,There was never any hope,Now I’m left to cope,Drive another mile,In my head another personal trial,Grip tight on the wheel,And wish […]