May 2011

I just finished Whitney Cummings: Money Shot and I’ll just re-post my Netflix review. Ok so men are disgusting pigs who watch porn and she thinks men’s balls are disgusting. […]

Well I just finished Black Swan, and maybe it’s because I hate Natalie Portman or maybe it because I hate ballet or maybe it’s the two combined, but I hated […]

Yesterday I watched The Tourist, I don’t want to say to much since I don’t want to give anything away. That having been said, you should see this film it’s […]

Ok so the oil companies want to keep their precious subsidies while charging the American people ridiculous prices and the entire time the corporate puppets in D.C. are arguing to […]

I am against circumcision of both genders but I am going to present some views which may seem to contradict that statement. First let look at the medical issues, yes […]