February 2011

I am writing this to Netflix since their contact page just sends you in a loop back to that same page, and when I call the help number I get […]

So I downloaded Due Date on my PS3 and after I got home I watched it. What to say what to say…I think the only reason I was disappointed was […]

I just finished the movie Whip It and lets face it is just about a bunch a bitches….to those of you won’t can’t read sarcasm, that was a joke. No […]

I just finished watching Jonah Hex and I don’t see why so many people hated it. Maybe because I never read the comic and only know what I know about […]

I just finished watching Easy A and I have to say it’s a great film; I was hesitant about it because I thought it would be just another teen love […]

So I just finished watching Watchmen, I had to stop the first time since I couldn’t take it any more. Now let me ask those of you who told me […]

I just finished Inglourious Basterds and it’s just another shitty Quentin Tarantino film, what a surprise! First of all you have to read most of the film and if I […]