September 2010

I just finished Clash of the Titans and damn was it good. Now let me say upfront that I have not seen the original from 1981, but I have seen […]

I watched the film Harry Brown today and I have to say even though it was a little slow, it was very good. It’s a dark movie, it’s a little […]

I just finished A Scanner Darkly and it was horrible, and the animation only made it worse. The story was written at a fifth grade level, and made little sense. […]

First if you haven’t seen the video here it is. Sorry YouTube won’t let me embed the video so you’ll have to follow the link. Well after all that this […]

So I just finished the “Star Trek” movie, I put that in quotes since it’s not really a Star Trek based film. The treky in my say’s it’s total crap […]

I just finished watching The International and I didn’t think it could be done but they did it! This film was both intriguing and boring at the same time! The […]