It’s done,My world no longer undone,Wash away the pain,Of something I’ll never attain. I’ve had enough,Damn that was rough,The memories remain,These memories I’ll always retain. Now I can be alone,And […]

Push me away,What did I say,One more day,Then you’ll go away. Back into the black,Where I can pull back,Alone again and glad,Alone again and sad. I can’t explain,This massive pain,You’ll […]

My hearts an empty space,When I look in your face,The pain it brings,Forever to me stings. You drive me to drink,When of you I start to think,This I can no […]

One jack one Killian’s,Your one in a billion,I love you,And you have no clue. Take me away from here,Someone get me another beer,God why love him,For you I’d cut off […]

“If a man doesn’t fuckin’ bleed and he doesn’t cry, you don’t trust him. He ain’t a fuckin’ man.” – Zakk Wylde.

Well since President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize less than a year into his first term I started going through cereal boxes looking for my own prize, and guess […]