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I’m not complaining about page views but I’ve been noticing for the past few days I’ve been getting a lot of hits from China, and I mean A LOT, take a look below.

This screenshot was taken two hours ago, so it is current.  I’m just wondering why I’m all of the sudden getting a ton of hits from China.


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Happy New Year


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We need to communicate our concerns about Trump to congress

Due to the election of Donald Trump, I believe the safety and integrity of America is at risk on many fronts.  We have a president-elect who has repeatedly expressed positions and attitudes that, if acted upon, will take us back to an age before the civil rights movement and feminist movement of the 60’s and 70’s.  Some seem to believe that those were the good old days but those days were not so good for many of us.  Trump proposes such things as stop and frisk (racial profiling), interference with freedom of religion by suggesting squads be sent into mosques to investigate what may be happening, mass deportations, and changes in women’s health issues.  These are just a few examples of his thoughts on how to limit our rights.  He wants to limit our right to free speech when he talks of changing the law to be able to restrict what journalists can report.  He says he will require the military to engage in forms of torture that constitute war crimes.

In terms of economics, he talks of limiting relationships with our major trade partners one of which is Mexico.  If we do not have substantial and workable trade agreements, how can new jobs be created?  After all, without good trade agreements, who will buy the products produced by American workers.  If  few American products are being purchased overseas, how can new jobs be created??

As for his budget proposals – numerous economists have stated that his plans favor the wealthy and would actually increase our national debt by several trillion dollars.  I am aware that other economists support his proposals.  The problem is that I do not have the economic expertise to evaluate the opposing viewpoints but I have concerns because Trump’s many business failures do not reflect a person that I feel I can trust with plans for our national economy.  In addition he wants to eliminate Dodd-Frank which will unleash the Wall Street Banks.  How does this make sense?

We must question how Trump’s business enterprises and debt owed to foreign entities will influence his decision making as the president of the United States.  Would he be susceptible to manipulation or even blackmail by foreign actors?  He  states that he is placing his business enterprises into a blind trust to be run by his children but this is not a blind trust.  He will continue to know exactly what is going on in his businesses.  Should we not be concerned that he would place the welfare of his business concerns and family above those of the nation when making presidential decisions?

He wants to interrupt our participation in NATO.  This means we would abandon those countries who need our support and lose the support of countries that would come to our defense if needed.

Attention must be paid to the people with whom he is choosing to surround himself – what are their backgrounds and beliefs?  Would they act to protect the nation or further endanger it? The cabinet he chooses will signal how he chooses lead this country.  We should pay attention to his choices.

It is so important to learn from history so that we do not make the same mistakes that have led to disaster in the past.  In the 1930’s Europe was in a condition similar to what we are now experiencing in the United States.  If you remember, that was when fascism reared its ugly head.  That was when individuals with loud, aggressive rhetoric convinced people that their troubles were because of certain portions of the population such as Jews and gypsies. What ensued was horrific! Rights were stripped away and millions of people were brutalized and exterminated.  In her book titled “Men in Dark Times” Hannah Arendt states that people dealt with the evil that existed by choosing “internal exile”.  In other words, they facilitated the evil by staying under the radar and not speaking up when they disagreed. We cannot be passive or complacent. We must pay attention to history and recognize our current vulnerabilities so that we do not have a similar fate.

In October of this year The Guardian published an article about a more recent historical event, namely Silvio Berlusconi’s time as Prime Minister of Italy.  Italians continue to struggle with the damage suffered during Berlusconi’s terms of office.  It is important to note the extensive similarities between Berlusconi and Trump. With the current vulnerable state of our nation, the voice of a president who can incite people to violence, hatred and divisiveness could be disastrous and should be taken seriously.   

 There are so many questions and so few answers at this time.  I am sure there are those who will read my words and vehemently disagree.  But here is the point – right now we live in a nation which allows us the wonderful freedom to have open discussion and disagreement.  We must communicate our concerns and opinions to our senators and representatives.  We must make our voices heard in a lawful manner and strive to use the tools of our constitution and legal system to assure that we continue to have the rights and freedoms we have always enjoyed.  To this end, I have sent a letter to each of the senators and representatives from my State.  In this letter I have expressed some of my concerns and my expectations for them.  I am making my letter available to you and if you feel it accurately reflects your thoughts, then please fill in the blanks on the letter and send it to the congressional members from your state.

Merry Christmas

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Why I held my nose and voted for Hillary Cinton

First let me make a few things clear:

  1. I hate the Clinton crime family (I thought they were criminal long before Trump)
  2. I’m normally an independent
  3. I switched to democrat to vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary
  4. I believe Bernie Sanders won the primary and Hilary ClintonDebbie Wasserman SchultzDonna Brazile stole the primary from the will of the voters
  5. I believe the Clinton’s have had people murdered
Now having said all that, why the hell would I vote for a lying, murdering, backstabbing bitch?  Because she’s running against Donald Trump and I live in Ohio which is a swing state.  Donald Trump is to much of a danger to our country I’ll list my reason below:
  1. He only wants power and will abuse it once he has it
  2. He’s a conman, just ask someone who’s been conned it’s obvious.
  3. He’s totally incompetent and has no idea how to govern
  4. I believe he is a Russian agent, either willingly or through blackmail, and will give the Russian our most classified secrets and put our troops and our entire country at risk.
  5. He’s to thin skinned to stand up to his critics.
  6. He has stated he will try to revoke libel laws so that he can sue anyone who makes fun of him.
  7. ect…ect…ect…
Now I’m not happy about voting for Clinton, and if Ohio was in the bag for either candidate I would have voted Libertarian in protest of the two clowns the major parties put up, but we’re a swing state and I care more about my country than and my protest and while Hillary won’t get anything done in four years, at least she won’t destroy this country.
Now if the Republicans can pull their heads out of their asses, fire Reince Priebus out of a cannon into the side of Trump Tower, realize they need a moderate candidate, and nominate someone like John Kasich, then I’d vote for the Republican and kick Hillary out.
And let me just say I voted against John Kasich for Ohio Governor twice, but if it was him against Hillary Clinton then I’m voting for Kasich every time.
So there you have it, and if any Trump supporters want to tell me “if you really loved your country you’d have voted for Trump” please go back and read why I won’t vote for him.  Anyone who says anything even close to that, even s a joke, will be blocked.  You are entitled to your opinion but keep it to yourself, you don’t tell me why you think I’m wrong and I won’t tell you why I think your wrong. I’m just stating my personal opinion on the matter, I’m not looking for debate, if I was I would have posted this a few months ago not less than 24 hours before the polls close.

Oh and by the way if you really want change in our government try reading Republic Lost by Lawrence Lessig.

Political yard signs

I have seen so many political yard signs I’m surprised when I don’t see one.  Obviously I’ve seen these stupid things all my life and I’ve always wondered “who the hell chooses candidate to vote for based on a yard sign?”

Lets face it, if your vote can be swayed by a yard sign then you aren’t really committed to the candidate.  Seriously does the thought process go like this?  “Oh Jim across the street has a yard sign for the other candidate, well he did fix my weed wacker last week I guess he knows what’s best, I’ll vote for his candidate”

I just don’t see the purpose of these things, and before you say “I give $50 to the campaign and they send me the sign” well that’s great but guess what if you really wanted to help the campaign you’d give the money and refuse the sign because the sign costs the campaign money, and they have to pay postage to mail it to you.  So really all you are doing is buying a sign in your yard to make yourself feel better and make people pay attention to you, it’s nothing more than a totally selfish act disguised as a political statement.

So because I want honest answers I’m setting up a poll, your answers will be totally anonymous so tell the truth, have you ever been convinced to vote one way or another because of a yard sign?

have you ever been convinced to vote one way or another because of a yard sign?


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And just for fun here are some other the best yard signs I found on Amazon.

Well it's official, Galway IMT is being shut down.

Well it’f official, at 9:17 P.M. EST I put the paperwork in the mail to shut down Galway IMT, my first company.  I’m not going to say it didn’t hurt, I really wanted my first company to last my lifetime, and really I could have just let it go on existing but that meant doing paperwork for a company that wasn’t doing anything and that doesn’t make sense.

Beside the whole it’s not making any money thing, I also need to focus on Nurse Tutor Inc now more than ever and having Galway there in the back of my mind would have distracted me and only hurt both companies.

I know I’ve said this all before in the previous post but I guess I needed to remind myself why I’m doing it.  I moved to a credit union when the bank I was with was demanding a maintenance fee for a low account balance, and the credit union was a pain to work with online to get accounting done, but I did it to keep the company alive.  I dumped money into the account to try and launch websites to give the company income, all of which failed by the way.  I just was never ready to give up on my first company, and really I’m still not, but I know it’s for the best and hopefully some day I can build a successful company and forget about Galway IMT, then again it was my first company and like a first love you never really forget about them you just learn to move on.

Shut Down.jpg