Visible Darkness

I’m broken
My heart is frozen
The damage is severe
Done by those I once called dear
So much pain from long lost love
Now I wear this armor with a metal glove
I wish I could just let it all go
But it will stay with me forever this I know
If you only knew
What I wish I could say to you
The inner darkness has awoken
I’m broken

Lonely Without You

Feeling ill feeling down,
I can not banish this perpetual frown,
Far to much time has past,
Since I held you last,
My dear you are always on my mind,
This time apart has been unkind,
I could die happy at morning’s sunrise,
If I could spend the night in your eyes,
I can not underscore,
The joy I’ll feel holding you once more,
Until the glorious day,
My world shall remain grey.

What Is Hell.

Seeing pure beauty
And feeling only pain
The devils fork I fear not
For equal pain it can not bring
Sitting in the darkness
To see the light
Sucoming to hope
Only to have depression drown the soul
Whiskey burns the throat
A moment of happiness
Finally able to feel
The bittersweet burn
Melancholy darkness envelops
That which is forever alone

Only Time Will Tell

Laying in bed,
Thoughts swirling in my head,
Lacking any motivation,
To get up from my location,
Nightmares while I sleep,
Awake wanting to weep,
Will they come true,
Or can we once again pull through,
Only time will tell,
Until then I’ll be in hell.

Don't Let Go

Racing heart,
Fearing being forever apart,
Acted like an asshole,
Now I’m paying the toll,
I can’t stop shaking,
My heart is aching,
How do I say I’m sorry,
Will you even hear my plea,
Breaking down,
Will you forgive the sad clown,
Please don’t let this be the end,
I want a chance to mend,
Please don’t tell me to walk,
Just please give us a chance to talk.

Tranquility in a picture.

Rage fills my head,
Then I see your pic,
And nothing more need be said,
Looking at you does the trick,
The calm washes over me,
And I can handle anything,
You are my sea of tranquility,
I worship the peace you bring,
To my mind and my heart,
I miss you every moment I’m away,
I hate that we must be apart,
Even just for one day.

Pushing Away Ever Near

Knotted rope thirsty blade,
Sanity frayed,
In death you know love,
Only to be realized from above,
Depression sets in,
Followed by thoughts of mortal sin,
Find peace in pain,
View he who is truly insane,
A true work of art,
Comes from a broken heart,
Viewing the light from within the dark,
A voiceless remark,
Never to be spoken,
Silence unbroken,
Such happiness you cry,
Continue the lie,
Shield the ones you love,
Especially the one your unworthy of,
Always keep the darkness within,
Never give in.

Like A Nightmare

Go to sleep and dream of you,
And the pain starts anew,
I thought I was past this,
Feelings I thought I could dismiss,
One passionate dream,
Brings back pain supreme,
Another round in hell,
The devil rings his fucking bell,
I see your face every day,
But my heart I must not obey,
Years past I didn’t make you choose,
Now I am the one who must loose,
Never destroy a happy life,
To make her your wife,
And so I sit and let it begin,
The thoughts of sin,
Misery is my fate,
Silently I shall carry this weight,
The time has passed,
That I could have asked,
Some day I shall set sail,
Without ever saying farewell,
I’ll disappear into the black,
And never turn back,
You’ll always be in my heart,
But we’ll always be apart.

Gortaítear ach fós deartháireacha

An outsider brought along
Stays quiet because he doesn’t belong
Mocked and ridiculed all in good fun
Though he was having none
His back throbbing with pain
For his brother he will remain
The night is done and he wants to go
Then she delivers the crippling blow
Everyone laughs
As he grasps
Threats made against him for a while
He tries to just maintain as smile
All he wants to do is leave
Then her second blow he does receive
Everyone is held back by a brother
Though not her lover
Hurting in every way
He just wants to get away
Rage fills his brain
As he tries to restrain
He gets out clean
His smile the perfect smoke screen
He had tried to play nice and be her friend
But now that all comes to an end
He loves his brother till the end of days
But for now they must part ways
It is not the end, brothers fight
He just needs some time before you reunite
As always he’ll pull though
Live True.

Walk Away

Would you hate me if I said that I care,
Would you say that I was unfair,
Would you hate me if I just walked away,
Would you forgive me one day,
If I said what was in my heart,
Would your world fall apart,
Words that shall stay within me,
For all eternity,
I’ll suffer though,
All with out you,
I leave you to a happy life,
To be another’s wife,
I’ll always have a place in my heart for you,
But in the end I must Live True.