Let's make 98 year old WW2 veteran's birthday great!

**Mr. Howard Shriver has passed away**
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Pictured is Mr. Howard Shriver, a WWII veteran who served in the Marianas Islands and the Philippines. He lives in an assisted living facility in Marietta, OH and will celebrate his 98th birthday on July 12.

I am hoping to make his 98th memorable.

I am asking anyone who would like to thank a member of the Greatest Generation – the first Soldier called up from Williamstown, WV – to send a birthday card. I’d love to see him get hundreds of cards, to show appreciation and give him something to talk about for a while.

If you can support him with a birthday card, the address is (I have his permission to share):

Howard Shriver c/o Brookdale Senior Living 150 Browns Road, A16 Marietta OH 45750

Let’s do this, it’s only a few bucks for a card and a stamp, skip your Starbucks for a day and bring some joy to this man on his birthday!

Channeling my inner Red Forman to talk about the current gun control debate

With the gun debate raging again and people blaming the gun manufacturers let’s just clear something up, it’s not their fault. If a deranged person with a gun shoots me I’m going to blame the person who pulled the trigger, not the company that made the gun, when a drunk driver hits you, you don’t blame the auto maker, you blame the person driving the car!

So how about we start acting like adults and address the issue of mental illness and maybe make it so that people on FBI watch lists can’t buy guns. So stop crying about safe spaces because a deranged person with a gun isn’t going to give a damn about your safe space, I know it’s shocking I’ll let you curl up with your Teddy bear and suck your thumb while you let that sink in.

Grow up America, the world isn’t a safe place and and your not going to legislate into a safe place.

How about a gun license?

With the debate about weapon sales going on here is the USA I thought I’d just throw out an idea I’ve had for years.  A gun license.  Lets face it you have to have a drivers license to legally drive a car and cars kill more people every year than guns, so why the hell not?

Every state could issue a gun license just like a drivers license, and of course you’d have to pass a basic gun safety course and test just like drivers ed and the DMV drivers test, then if you pass you get a gun license.  You could even have endorsements for Concealed Carry, Pistols Only, ect… and the FBI background check could be done at the time you take your test and then it’s not on the gun shops to run the background check, all you’d do is show a valid gun license and you can buy a gun.  Then every two years you go and renew your license and go about your merry way.

And yes I know this won’t solve gun violence, I know someone determined to get a gun will find a way to get one, I just think this could provide a good standard for gun ownership and since the government wants to enforce all these rules on guns maybe they should have to take a little or ownership of the process.

Hillary Clinton and the No Fly List

Hillary Clinton today in Cleveland Ohio said that if you are on the No Fly List you should not be able to buy a gun.  The problem is there is no way to judge who ends up on the no fly list, people that President Bush deemed as enemies were placed on the No Fly List for no other reason than disagreeing with him.

So what Mrs.Clinton is proposing is having the power to place innocent Americans on the No Fly List then banning them from being able to buy guns, and guess what?  Take away a little more of our freedom, President Obama wasn’t going to take away your guns, his job was to take away your right to choose to have health care if you could afford it, Hillary’s job is to take away the guns.  And I truly believe she will do everything in her power to take away as many of our rights as possible.

Why the Republicans need to dump Trump

The Argument

The Republicans need to dump Trump and find another nominee if they want the the party to survive. Donald Trump is alienating almost every group of voter and splitting the party with his rants and racist remarks.  In the 1960’s Barry Goldwater turned the African-American vote against the Republicans and they have never been able to get the vast majority of that back, Donald Trump could have the same effect on the party this time around by pushing away more African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, and Women, and splitting the party.

Long Term vs. Short Term

Yes in the short term the party will suffer, they will lose some House and Senate seats and they will loose the White House, but in the long term they will be able to survive and come back.  If they stick with Trump and continue to endorse him they will lose major voting blocks, be painted as the racist and sexist party, and they will lose more and more seats until they cease to exist do to lack of members.

The Problem Today

The problem with today’s political parties is they care more about the party than they do about their country, their priorities (Republican and Democrat) go like this:

  1. Party
  2. Job
  3. Constituents
  4. Country
When they should have their priorities set like this:
  1. Country
  2. Constituents
  3. Party
  4. Job

Learn From the Roman Empire

There needs to be a fundamental shift in the way these politicians think, they need to realize that their arrogance will be their downfall.  There is a reason third parties are rising in popularity, it’s because they aren’t hated like the two major parties, and if things don’t change the two major parties will be a thing of the past in the not to distant future.
I’ll admit I’m no fan of either of the two parties, I just hate the Republicans a little more, but I’m reading the writing on the wall, and if things don’t change the Republican party will fall, followed by the Democratic party not long after.  And what will happen when that day comes?  Like Emperor Nero when Rome burned, the American people will fiddle while the two parties burn.

A theory about Bernie Sanders future over the next few months

  • Hillary is forced to step down as the nominee due to something related to the email scandal.
  • The new DNC chair decided since Bernie was the runner up and has delegates he takes Hillary’s place as the Democratic nominee.

Yes it’s all speculative but it’s a possibility and lets face it stranger things have happened.

I rest my case.