Taken 3

Alright, so I watched Taken 3: The Takening and um what the hell did I just watch?  This is one of those films where if you have popcorn you will be throwing it at the screen every few minutes.  The story really had nothing to do with the Taken Series even with how bad Taken 2 was it was still cannon to the original, Taken 3 really had nothing to do with the Taken series.
Well no one actually gets taken in Taken 3, so there’s that.  The story it’s self wasn’t that bad, if the film had been made for adults and had been rated R it could have held up to the original.  That was my major issue with this film, it was dumbed down to the point that it pulled me out of the film, there are a ton of examples but one that I’ll share is when Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is in the back of a police car and there is no barrier between the front and back and he’s able to fight two police officers from the back seat then hold a gun on the driver while crawling into the passenger seat from the back seat.  It’s just over the top stupidity with dumbed down, PG friendly violence where you don’t see blood when someone is shot.
Really the acting wasn’t the issue, the directing was the issue, the actors did a fine job with the turd they had to work with, it’s not the actors fault that they had a bad director.  Liam NeesonForest WhitakerMaggie Grace, and what little of Famke Jassen, all do fine jobs.  The rest of the cast on the other hand… I think the director said something like “if you could look more mafia scumbags and pedophiles and less like LAPD officers that would be great” because that’s what I thought the whole time they were on screen.
Well I can’t really say I remember any music.  If there was any real music to this film it should say something that I didn’t even remember it.  There was a few things like put records on and music in cars but music played as part of the film’s score, I don’t remember.
In the end this is a sad end to what started off as a great film franchise, I can forgive a lot of the flaws of this film, but the director dumbed the film down so much that on children who have never seen a good down and dirty, blood and guts action film could even remotely enjoy it.  This one is most definitely a skip on my list.

Visible Darkness

I’m broken
My heart is frozen
The damage is severe
Done by those I once called dear
So much pain from long lost love
Now I wear this armor with a metal glove
I wish I could just let it all go
But it will stay with me forever this I know
If you only knew
What I wish I could say to you
The inner darkness has awoken
I’m broken

Happy Fathers Day!

This Father’s day take a moment and remember those who can’t be with their loved ones because their serving our county over seas.  Donate to the USO this Father’s day and give thanks for their service.


You would think this is the story of the Emperor of Japan vs. the new emperor (supreme commander) General Douglas MacArthur, and you would be right in thinking that, sadly that is a very minor sub plot to a tragic love story that only half played out.  This film left me wondering what the writers were even trying to say, by the time it was over I was disgusted with this entire film.
Well as I said I don’t really know what the writers were trying to say, I mean I really don’t know if they were trying to tell a power struggle story or a love story, or a tragic war is hell even after the war story.  It seemed like there was five different people writing different stories based on the same idea and then they just took a page from each script and made a film.
Honestly it wasn’t that great, maybe it’s because I really didn’t enjoy this film but I just did not like any of tha acting work in this one.
Nothing to complain about, there wasn’t much music to talk about, but what there was seemed to work for the film.
Set Design
Ok I’ll give it to them here, even though this film basically lacked in every department the one thing they got right was the set design, this was totally believable and looked perfect.  The set designers are the only ones who deserve any praise for this film.
Don’t waste your time on this film, it’s slow, it’s boring, it’s a mess of a script, and it will just leave you frustrated and unsatisfied by the time it’s over.

Up In The Air

I didn’t really know what to expect from Up In The Air but I can say I liked it, this is a good one time watch type of film, not something you’ll go back to time and time again but it gets the message across.  Basically this film shows that everyone has emotions and no matter how cold you are on the outside, inside your vulnerable and want to be loved.
Decent but really predictable, there was no real surprise or twist here, just first act, second act, third act, end.  If you’re looking for something deep to make you think I can only say “keep moving nothing to see here”.
Not really much music in this film, but what little music there was didn’t bother me, if fit the mood of the film and matched well.
George Clooney does a fine job, there really isn’t that much to say here, no one was bad, no one was great, just an average job throughout.
As you can tell I was not very impressed by this film, while I can’t say it was bad, I can’t say it was great, it was just alright.  There was no big revelation, and by the end I thought “well now I’ve seen that” so if you want to see it give it a shot but rent this film before you buy.

Amazon Add-on Items are a bad idea

So yesterday I tried to buy some Melatonin and some Echinacea since I’m running low and thought that rather than driving about two miles out of my way to get these two things at the only store in the area that carries them, I’d just order then on Amazon and use my Prime membership to get free shipping.  Well Guess what, when I went to the check out I saw that the Melationin is listed as an “Add-on Item” and wouldn’t ship with an order that was less than $25.00, seeing how the Melatonin didn’t seem to count towards the total and the Echinacea was only $9.19 I was no where near the $25.00 minimum to get what I ordered.
So what is the Add-on Item Program?  Well lets just look at the Amazon description:
When you include Add-on Items with qualifying Amazon Prime orders of $25 or more, you’ll also receive Prime shipping benefits, including Free Two-Day Shipping. Add-on Items are also eligible for Free Shipping in qualifying orders of $35 or more. See About Free Shipping by Amazon for more information. Many Add-on Items are eligible for our Subscribe & Save program. Only items shipped by Amazon count towards the $25 minimum required to buy Add-on Items; items that are eligible for Prime but shipped directly from a seller don’t apply towards the minimum. Add-on Items ship for free as part of any Subscribe & Save delivery.
To buy Add-on Items:
  1. Look for the Add-on Item badge  while shopping on Amazon.com or the blue title bar around Add to Cart.
  2. Include the Add-on Item in an order that includes $25 or more of items shipped by Amazon.com (including items sold by other sellers and shipped by Amazon). This order can include a mix of Add-on Items and other items shipped by Amazon, or be entirely made up of Add-on Items.
Note: If you have an Add-on Item with less than $25 of items shipped by Amazon.com in your cart, you can check out with the other items. You can also save your Add-on Item in the Saved for Later section for a future order.
If you have Add-on Items saved for later in your Cart that are marked Add to next qualifying order over $25, they will automatically be included in your next qualifying order of $25 or more. You’ll have a chance to review these Add-on Items before completing your order.
Alright, so if you’re like me your still a little confused.  But I said fine I’ll see if there are any other things I need and found enough to bring my total to 27.62.  And so I thought I was set and ready to buy, WRONG!  I missed one very key point in all the text:
Note: If you have an Add-on Item with less than $25 of items shipped by Amazon.com in your cart
When I went to go check out after filling my cart with over $25.00 worth of things, I was told that the one thing I actually wanted, the Melatonin, still would not be shipped because the other two items that I added into the order to get it over $25.00 were not shipped by Amazon.  So guess what I did, I removed everything from my cart and said to hell with Amazon, I’ll just drive two miles out of my way on my way home from work tonight and stop by the store and pick out what I need.  So way to go Amazon, by making it such a pain in the ass to order the one thing I needed you completely lost out on a sale.
What should they do?
Well first of all make sure people understand what the “Add-on Item” thing is and how it works, but really what they need to do is either get rid of the program or fundamentally change how it works.  What Amazon should do is offer an item as an “Add-on Item” like they do now, but let’s say in a case like I describe above where the customer wants to buy something that is an “Add-on Item” an isn’t buying enough to cover the $25.00 minimum order, give that customer the option to buy it anyway and just mark up the price $1.00-$2.00 since the customer is not meeting the $25.00 minimum order.
By saying to the customer “No you can’t have it unless you give me more money” your forcing your customers to either give you money money or more likely say screw you and take their business elsewhere.  Right now Amazon is acting like the bully in the school lunch room who takes your milk from you then makes you pay to get if back, eventually everyone comes to hate that person, so make some fundamental changes to the crappy “Add-on Item” program or I see you loosing a lot more business as time goes on.

The Imitation Game

Having seen The Imitation Game I can only say, it was good.  I know some of the story was inaccurate, and I get that, but still it just kind of made me not want to get into the film as much knowing that ahead of time.  If this were a pure fantasy film it would have been great, a little long winded, but great, but sadly it was a true story and so the fact that there were fallacies only takes away from what would other wise be a great film.
I’d say this was a good story, it left you thinking by the time it was over and that is always a good thing in my opinion.  You have to remember that while the vest majority of this story is true, there are some fictional parts that aren’t obvious, and this is the major issue with the film since while watching the film you’ll have a nagging little voice in the back of your head wondering if every little part of this is true or not.
The film was very well cast and the actors were amazing, Cumberbatch is amazing, he can portray genius and suffering at the same time and make you feel and believe both without question.  As for Keira Knightley, I really don’t have that much to say, she wasn’t bad she just didn’t really stand out to me.  The rest of the cast was fine, nothing special but not bad.
Very little music really, there was some, but not much.  The music was really just things in the background that would be playing on a record player.  Of course the music was appropriate for the time the film was taking place.
Should you see this film?  Yes.  Just go into it knowing that it’s not 100% true, do that and you can sit back and enjoy the film.  It’s a good look at the Enigma Machine and how the British were able to break it, and everyone should know that part of history.