Well I just finished watching DREDD and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!  I really went into this film with low expectations but by the time I got halfway through I was sold, and found that I was really enjoying the film.  Karl Urban was great, he had the voice, the look, everything.  I really liked how you never say him with the helmet off, that was a nice touch that really played well for the hard-ass tough guy he was playing.  This was my first time to see Olivia Thirlby and if she continues to do work like this i will continue to watch her films.

The CGI was great as we have all come to expect these days,  the story I thought was better than the story line in Judge Dredd.  While the Stallone Dredd was good, I found that I liked the darker less child friendly Dredd of Urban, I still love Judge Dredd it’s a part of my childhood, I just see this new version as more to my liking.

If you’re a Dredd fan and haven’t seen this film, you should.  If you’re not a Dredd fan you should still see this film.  I will be buying it at some point, it was that good.

Olympus Has Fallen

Recently I watched Olympus Has Fallen and while it wasn’t the best film I’ve seen it wasn’t that bad.  Even though the plot was a little over the top it was still believable, which made it just easy enough to accept that you weren’t pulled from the film.  Gerard Butler plays his part perfectly, Aaron Eckhart is a totally believable president, Morgan Freeman really makes you feel that he is under the burden of power.

I have to say that the way the attack was done was very believable, obviously I have no way of knowing if it would actually work but if I was going to write a scene that is how I would write it.  Over all I’d say it’s worth a rental if you have some free time.

G. I. Joe Retaliation

Recently I watched G. I. Joe Retaliation and it was just alright.  Dwayne Johnson was, well he was The Rock.  Bruce Willis had some good lines but was such a small part of the film he doesn’t really merit anything further.  The rest of the cast was alright, it was a mix of people I’ve never herd of and famous people to give the film more big names to sell.

The story was over the top of course, it is a G. I. Joe movie after all, but it was still entertaining.  If you enjoyed the first movie then I’d say go ahead and watch this one, but rent don’t buy.


Recently I watched the film Flight and it was not at all what I expected but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.  I was expecting a film about a man just trying to justify his actions but instead it was a man trying to justify his actions while dealing with personal flaws and addictions.  At first I thought I was going to be disappointed with the film, but once the story developed I was drawn in and started to really enjoy it.  I really enjoyed the ending, it was very uplifting and leaves you feeling good.

Denzel Washington was great, as always, and he totally sold the part.  You really want to believe that he had the character flaws and addictions, in the end you really feel for him even though you know it’s just an act.  He’s just that damn good!  All the supporting characters are great, they really add to the film without taking away from the story.  This was just a great film and definitely a must see, enjoy!

A reqeust to Leo Laporte for TWiG

After watching episode# 211 of TWiG I’ve decided that this needs to be said.  First of all Bruce Schneier was great, and Matt Cutts was great, Kevin Marks….I really wish you would stop having him on.  His constant need to be outside when he’s broadcasting is annoying, between the wind noise, birds, and passing cars it’s really distracting.  Also I’ve noticed something that happens more when he is on with Gina he will interrupt more often, and will talk over others making sure that nothing can be understood.  Leo I’m begging you stop having Kevin Marks on Twig, I love the show but when Kevin is on I turn it off, the only reason I didn’t immediately turn off EP# 211 was that I wanted to see what Bruce had to say, but once Bruce was gone and Kevin started talking I gave up and didn’t finish the show.

I love TWiG and it’s one of the shows I like to watch every week, I even sit through the ads without skipping, I may not buy what you’re selling but I’m getting free media and in return I’ll give two minutes for you’re ad.  I will say that when I set up my Ting account last year I used the TWiG discount code, and I recently dropped Sprint and switched over to Ting as my main carrier.

Leo it’s your show and your network, I’m just saying that every time Kevin Marks is on TWiG you will have one less viewer, I’ve stopped watching TNT completely due to Sarah Lane.

Dead Man Down

Recentaly I watched Dead Man Down and while it wasn’t the best film of the year, it was still enjoyable.   The film has a nice twist on the mob revenge film, I have to say I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was.  Colin Farrell was very good in his role, it was a dark soul with a bright face in a horrible position.  Terrence Howard was an interesting choice for a mob boss, he played it well though, most of the time you expect a mob boss to loud and out there, but Terrence Howard is the exact opposite of that and yet he pulls it off.

The story was good enough to make it interesting and keep you guessing from time to time, but I won’t be buying this anytime soon, I’d say it’s a rental at best but still enjoyable, give it a shot.


Recently I watched Looper and it was just alright.  I liked the idea of the use of time travel, it was original I’ll give it that, but the film left me wanting more.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt was good, even his facial expressions mimicking Bruce Willis was good.  Bruce Willis was alright, this wasn’t the best role he ever played but overall it was still good.

I can’t explain this but I just felt like this film was lacking, maybe it was that I saw the ending coming a mile away, but when it was over I just felt like I wanted more.  The design and CGI were excellent, but that won’t make a movie good, no matter what Michael Bay says.