Why I've canceled my Hulu Plus subscription.

I just canceled my subscription to Hulu Plus and as long as the choice is solely mine, I will not be reactivating it ever again.  I’m paying the same amount for Hulu Plus as I am for Netflix and yet I have to watch commercials….I think not!  I’m already watching the shows I want to watch through an Amazon Instant Pass for every show, and then I own every episode and can watch them all as many times as I want without having to pay per month.  Plus I can watch old shows and movies through my Netflix account, or Crackle, or Vudu, or Youtube, yeah I don’t really need to pay to watch commercials, there is a reason I won’t pay for cable 1) the programming is mostly mindless dribble, 2) I don’t want to pay for 100 channels when I only watch five or six, 3) again, why should I pay to watch commercials?  And after all lets face it, Hulu Plus is nothing more than a new version of Time Warner and Comcast, and would you really want to support them?So there you have it, some people may say I shouldn’t let the commercials bother me, and maybe they’re right, I shouldn’t, but it does, so I won’t continue to pay for the service.  I’m voting with my wallet!

What do I think Hulu should do?  Well for starters try changing up the ads, for the past 30 day’s I’ve only seen the same five commercials, I’ve come to hate these brands, it’s had the opposite effect on me that you wanted it to.

Next try a two tier system, free users get limited functions and have to watch commercials, paying users get full functions and NO commercials.

Now I don’t know if this is still true but last I saw you couldn’t run Hulu basic on a TV app, that’s just stupid, if you want people to watch make it easy for them, come on guys stop playing human centipede and pull your heads out of each others asses and think about the customer for once!  Look at the way Leo Laporte runs TWiT, he cares about the audience, he values what they have to say, he runs a chat room during the show to talk with the audience, and in return for that and the quality content he provides guess what, we all accept the sponsors and even support them if we can.  See we know Leo values us and doesn’t just think of us as open wallets, he understands that without us he can’t make money.  Maybe you should be paying him to teach you idiots how to run an internet business, the class shouldn’t be cheap though I’m thinking $1 million dollars per head per day, bring your own lunch in a brown paper bag.

Hulu, your model is doomed, make drastic changes or head off to the digital soup kitchen.


I just finished watching Argo and wow was this a good film!  I had watched a documentary about the actual events when this hit theaters and from what I remember the film really held up to the actual events.  The pacing was great, even though this was a 2 hour film it held me all the way through and didn’t seem like it took 2 hours.  The acting was amazing, and you could feel tense right along with the characters right up to the end.  If you haven’t seen this film yet do yourself a favor and see it right away, you won’t regret it!

Father's Day Amazon Gift Card

Dear Amazon,

         I bought a gift card for my dad for Father’s Day and you offered me at no extra cost a small tin box to place it in to dress it up.  While I would like to thank you for the offer and say I’m not asking for a refund on my card purchase, I would like to make a suggestion.  You should really look into better packaging for the tin, as you can see from the pictures below the tin was crushed and totally un-presentable.  I ended up just taking the gift card out of the tin and placing it inside the Father’s Day card I was planning on giving my dad with the tin.  While I’m not upset at all about this since it was a free add on, I do expect more from Amazon and you have really dropped the ball on this one.

Gangster Squad

I can’t decide if this was supposed to be a spoof or a serious film, the whole thing never really made a real point.  All this film does is dumb down the classic Good vs Evil mob story, it’s a dumbed down version of The Untouchables.  This film plays to the lowest common denominator, and anyone with half a brain will not enjoy this film.  As one review said before me, “It’s meathead cinema”.