I just finished the 2007 film Beowulf and I have to say I’m not impressed.  The motion capture really didn’t add anything to the film and really just kind of distracted me from the film.  The story was decent but it differed far to much from the original poem, the writers really should have just stuck to the original story and not tried to make it their own.  Some times you just have to say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  I can’t really say anything about the acting since it all could have been fixed by motion capture.  Basically if you want a good film based on the story of Beowulf just watch The 13th Warrior, it’s far superior.

Tranquility in a picture.

Rage fills my head,
Then I see your pic,
And nothing more need be said,
Looking at you does the trick,
The calm washes over me,
And I can handle anything,
You are my sea of tranquility,
I worship the peace you bring,
To my mind and my heart,
I miss you every moment I’m away,
I hate that we must be apart,
Even just for one day.

Hell Ride

Well I just finished Hell Ride, what a disappointment that was!  This was just a boring long winded film that didn’t really see to have a point.  The acting was piss poor and just made it hard to watch.  The story was boring and disjointed as hell, it was just bad.  It seemed like the entire film was just an excuse to say fuck as much as possible and show large amounts of nudity, in other words a sixteen year old.  The only interesting thing about this movie was that two dead actors are in it, David Carradine, and the great Dennis Hopper.  Overall this was just a complete waste of time, don’t bother giving up any time of the horrible movie.

Pushing Away Ever Near

Knotted rope thirsty blade,
Sanity frayed,
In death you know love,
Only to be realized from above,
Depression sets in,
Followed by thoughts of mortal sin,
Find peace in pain,
View he who is truly insane,
A true work of art,
Comes from a broken heart,
Viewing the light from within the dark,
A voiceless remark,
Never to be spoken,
Silence unbroken,
Such happiness you cry,
Continue the lie,
Shield the ones you love,
Especially the one your unworthy of,
Always keep the darkness within,
Never give in.