Like A Nightmare

Go to sleep and dream of you,
And the pain starts anew,
I thought I was past this,
Feelings I thought I could dismiss,
One passionate dream,
Brings back pain supreme,
Another round in hell,
The devil rings his fucking bell,
I see your face every day,
But my heart I must not obey,
Years past I didn’t make you choose,
Now I am the one who must loose,
Never destroy a happy life,
To make her your wife,
And so I sit and let it begin,
The thoughts of sin,
Misery is my fate,
Silently I shall carry this weight,
The time has passed,
That I could have asked,
Some day I shall set sail,
Without ever saying farewell,
I’ll disappear into the black,
And never turn back,
You’ll always be in my heart,
But we’ll always be apart.

John Carter

Well I just finished watching John Carter And I have mixed feeling about it.  First the story was interesting and was the film adaptation of A Princess of Mars (1917), The CGI was amazing as you would expect these days, the non-CGI cast was good nothing really stood out but they didn’t suck!  The one thing I’ll say about the cast is Taylor Kitsch (A.K.A. John Carter) looks a lot like Timothy Olyphant‘s character in Justified Raylan Givens.

Second for what I didn’t like about it, the film never really drew me in, most of the time I felt like I should be watching this, but not like I want to watch this.  The story did seem to jump around a lot and if you didn’t pay attention you could miss something and get lost.  Lastly the film is 132 minutes long and thankfully I watched the first hour before going to work then finished it when I got home or else I don’t know if I could have sat all the way though in one sitting, I had a hard enough time watching with a break in between.

Now I’m not saying that this was a bad film, not by any means, I’m just saying it was an alright film that is a one time watch and a rental only.  I saw that the sequel has been put on hold due to poor box office sales and honestly I’m neither surprised or saddened by that, one film was enough.

Gortaítear ach fós deartháireacha

An outsider brought along
Stays quiet because he doesn’t belong
Mocked and ridiculed all in good fun
Though he was having none
His back throbbing with pain
For his brother he will remain
The night is done and he wants to go
Then she delivers the crippling blow
Everyone laughs
As he grasps
Threats made against him for a while
He tries to just maintain as smile
All he wants to do is leave
Then her second blow he does receive
Everyone is held back by a brother
Though not her lover
Hurting in every way
He just wants to get away
Rage fills his brain
As he tries to restrain
He gets out clean
His smile the perfect smoke screen
He had tried to play nice and be her friend
But now that all comes to an end
He loves his brother till the end of days
But for now they must part ways
It is not the end, brothers fight
He just needs some time before you reunite
As always he’ll pull though
Live True.

Are you fucking kidding me YouTube?

Ok so I watch a video from a guy named KipKay that I subscribe to and then I see links to other videos and one of them is for a homemade remote detonator, I think “ok this has to be bullshit” so I click on it and sure enough it’s real!  The video list next to the video is nothing but how to’s for wired, wireless, and cellphone detonators, homemade grenades, and the one that I can’t believe is “DIY IED”.  Now I’m a big believer in free speech but this goes a little far even for me.

By the way I will not post links to ANY of the videos, if you want to get yourself on a FBI watchlist you can search for them yourself.

Now am I wrong for thinking these videos shouldn’t be allowed?

Kevin Pollak: The Littlest Suspect

I just finished watching Kevin Pollak: The Littlest Suspect on Netflix Instant and even though I’ve herd bits of  this routine on XM radio it was still extremely funny.  Kevin Pollock is a true showmen, even during some of the duller points I was still drawn in and laughing.  His facial expressions are great and his impressions are so dead on!  It’s only one hour and you’ll enjoy it, so watch it damn it!

Oh and yes you will see him do the following impressions:
Alan Arkin
Robert De Niro
Peter Falk
Jack Nicholson
Paul Reiser
William Shatner
Jason Statham
Christopher Walken

The impressions of Alan Arkin & Christopher Walken are the best but the others are funny too!