The Avengers

Ok I just finished The Avengers and wow was that good!  I had high expectations for this film from all the buzz I heard when it was in theaters but it blew all that away and was far better than anything I heard.  First of all the story was great, just great.  Second the CGI was incredible, I know CGI can do a lot but wow I couldn’t tell the real from the fake, simply amazing.  The acting was great, as you would expect, and a special nod to the two newcomers Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, both were great additions to the already stellar cast.

*If you have yet to see the film DO NOT click on the links below, it will give to much away*

To those who told me about the lines “He’s adapted” and “Puny god“, yes those were hilarious on top of all the other laugh out loud moments laced perfectly throughout the film (what Hulk does to Thor comes to mind).  Don’t get me wrong this film won’t make you just laugh, it also has some really touching moments of self sacrifice and concern.  And it’s all woven together perfectly all the way till after the credits when not a word is spoken and you will laugh hysterically.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, this is an absolute must see film, turn off the phone, shut down the computer, send the kids to your parents house, give the dog a bone, and sit back and enjoy this instant classic!

J. Edgar

Well I just finished watching J. Edgar and it was just alright.  The acting was good, with a cast like that it better be good!  Leonardo DiCaprio play Hoover very well, he’s totally believable.  The historical pieces that were placed throughout the film are great, it’s done in a way that doesn’t draw you out of the film but just helps move it along.  One of my biggest issues with the film is that it drags on and on, at two and a half hours it was just to long.  It was like a senile old man talking to an empty chair, there is no one to stop him so the crazy old guy just keeps talking to the empty chair thinking he’s telling the greatest story ever told.  My second issue with this film is the fact that the makeup used to make the cast look like they have aged was terrible, it totally drew me out of a film that was barely holding my attention as is.  I’d say skip it, it’s long, boring, and gives nothing new if you know even just the basics of J. Edgar Hoover.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Recently I watched Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and while it’s wasn’t great it’s a good one time watch.  It’s mostly like the rest of the Mission Impossible films, over the top, totally unrealistic, but fun to watch.  Tom Cruise plays his part well, love him or hate him he does pull off the Ethan Hunt part perfectly.  Simon Pegg does a fine job with his nerdy new guy part, Jeremy Renner was great but then again I haven’t seen much that I didn’t like him in, Paula Patton was the new one to me and I have to say she is a damn fine actress and fun to watch!  Overall I’d say it’s worth a watch but unless your a die hard Mission Impossible fan it’s not worth the buy.

Walk Away

Would you hate me if I said that I care,
Would you say that I was unfair,
Would you hate me if I just walked away,
Would you forgive me one day,
If I said what was in my heart,
Would your world fall apart,
Words that shall stay within me,
For all eternity,
I’ll suffer though,
All with out you,
I leave you to a happy life,
To be another’s wife,
I’ll always have a place in my heart for you,
But in the end I must Live True.


Words create the cell,
That lock me in a personal hell,
There was never any hope,
Now I’m left to cope,
Drive another mile,
In my head another personal trial,
Grip tight on the wheel,
And wish this wasn’t real,
I’ll always be a friend,
Right up to the end.