You broke me

You broke me,
You brought me to my knees,
You were with me,
And let me think of what could be,
All the while you were fucking another,
He who said he was my brother,
You stabbed me in the heart,
And then you did depart,
You left me broken and cold,
My mind uncontrolled,
Yet even today a decade gone,
To you I am drawn,
You took the ring then gave it back,
You sent me into the dark and the black,
Even today I drink because of you,
I just can’t seem to pull though,
And endless string of nameless women,
Is all I’ve been given,
I still see your face in all of them,
Your beauty is still my ultimate gem,
You were the perfect one,
My love and hate never to be undone.

Hey not bad for someone who’s fairly well drunk at the moment!

This is the song I’ve been listing to for over 3 hours none stop.  It’s the perfect mix of rage and sorrow.

“As wicked as you are, your beautiful to me”

Act of Valor

Well now I’m torn….I want to say this wasn’t a bad film because it stars SEALs, but on the other hand I want to be honest and say it was shit.  Ok so the film is called Act of Valor and it’s about one SEAL team that goes on multiple missions around the world to save a CIA agent and foil a terrorist plot.  Now you have to understand that these are SEALs not actors so yeah the acting sucked.  On the plus side the action was realistic, but then again these guys actually know what they are doing and do it for real so of course they can pull it off.

Now let me just pause here and get you up to speed, I grew up with one dream and that was to be a U.S. Navy SEAL.  I spent a great deal of my youth studying the SEALs, and learning as much as I could about the teams, at one point I even tried to find retired SEALs just to talk to them, I wanted it that bad!  Obviously to anyone who knows me and has seen me with my shirt off knows that was never going to happen, that and the fact that I couldn’t even get into the Navy thanks to a back injury I had from 7th grade football.  When it comes to the Navy and even more so the SEALs I will defend them to anyone who says the Army or the Special Forces are better.  And you know who you are…

Ok now that I’ve got that out of the way, I have to trash this film.  This was horrible, not only the acting which I can forgive because again these were SEALs not actors, but just the story was terrible, the whole thing was unbelievable.  The action was the only thing that was realistic but even then the directors fucked that up and put the camera in first person mode so it was more like you were playing Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3 rather than just watching real operators do what they do best, hell they even had the sound of them breathing just like in the games!  Now yes the SEALs can deploy all over the world on a moments notice but there is no way they are going to have one team doing all these missions all over the place in such a short time span, the SEALs would handle the sea based missions sure, that’s what they do after all, but the land based missions would be handled by other elements or SF or since it was all based on a CIA mission the CIA could send in their SAD teams.  I’m so disgusted with this film I don’t know what more to say right now.

Basically this was the Navy’s new way to recruit people into the Navy with hope of being a SEAL and of course what they won’t say is that of all the 18 year old hormone filled young men who join because of this film, 99% won’t even qualify for BUD/S, and the few that do qualify only 2% will make it through with out washing out or ringing the bell.  Basically this film should have just began and ended with the Uncle Sam poster saying “I want you for the US Navy” because that’s all this was, an over blown recruitment film.

The Quantum Activist

I just finished watching a documentary on Netflix Instant called The Quantum Activist.  The documentary is about Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D. a quantum physicist a very interesting man from India.  The documentary focuses on Dr. Goswami’s ideas of oneness with everything and his ideas around the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  It does question widely accepted religious beliefs but does so without saying any belief is right or wrong, a true science documentary, right down the middle.  This will challenge you, this will make you think, this could even make you uncomfortable, and after all that you should still sit down and watch this.  Use your brain, open your mind, learn something today!

God Bless America

I just finished watching God Bless America, a black comedy written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and it was great!  The whole film deals with a man who is sick with the downward spiral of American society and so after learning he has a brain tumor goes on a killing spree to rid the world of the worst people, and along the way he picks up a down and out teen girl who becomes his partner in social justice.

The whole thing was great, the script was written perfectly the cast was superb both in choice for characters and in acting, and the humor was just enough to not make it a serial killer film.  Also all the references to things in today’s society are very clear, even if they are a bit over done at times, but you have to over do it once in a while!  Bobcat comes though again with another great film.  Unless you just hate black comedy you have to see this film, it’s great.

Etrade vs. Sharebuilder

Well I have had a Sharebuilder account for almost three years and now I’m done, I set up an Etrade account and transferred all assets from Sharebuilder to Etrade.  The process was relatively easy on Etrade’s end but Sharebuilder was a real pain to work with.  First Etrade was a simple 15 minute guided form for each account (I have 2 accounts a regular investment account and a ROTH IRA) and your done, the hardest part was printing off a form that I had to sign and fax to their office which wasn’t even that hard since I can fax from my computer.  Sharebuilder on the other hand was a  pain in the ass, first they locked up my account then said that I’d have to wait 5 business days to even begin the transfer, then once it was stared they would only transfer half of my holdings after 15 days had passed, then after 30 days they would transfer the rest of my holdings and mail a physical check for the cash balance I still had, and to top it all off they charged me $75.00 per account for all this.

Now that I’m with Etrade I see just how bad Sharebuilder really was, first of all Etrade has so many more tools than Sharebuilder.  you can do so much more research and get so much more in depth data on Etrade that I felt stupid for not moving sooner.  Also when I place a trade on Etrade it is executed as soon a possible, when I placed trades with Sharebuilder I could wait for days for a trade to go though, once they just canceled a trade I had made for no reason which made me pay a high price for the stock I was trying to buy.

Now here is the biggest issue I had with Sharebuilder, every year investment firms a required by law to provide their clients with the proper tax forms well before April 15.  This last year 2012 I received my tax paperwork from Sharebuilder the earliest I have ever gotten it, I got it in June.  Every year I would call the Sharebuilder help line and ask where my tax paperwork was and every year they would tell me that it had been mailed out and that I could also access it thought my account online, and every year the the paper work would show up long after April 15 (once it showed up in November) and every year I would try to access the paperwork though my online account and every year it would tell me that ROTH IRA tax form are required by law to be mailed to clients and can not be accessed online.  You have no idea what kind of a nightmare this was every year for my accountant and I, hell it was during one of these times that she suggested Etrade to me.

So to sum things up I guess what I’m saying is if your going to get an online broker do not for any reason set up an account with Sharebuilder.  I’m not saying you have to go with Etrade like I did, I’m just saying do some home work like I should have done in the beginning and take everything into consideration before jumping into it.

A review of Politics Powered by Twitter

As some of you know I am a Sirius XM subscriber and have been for a few years now, I started off as an XM subscriber and have stayed with the company during and after the merger with Sirius.  I have serious issues with the merged companies content and the extreme lack of quality in it, but I will talk about this at a later time.  The one channel that has always been what I consider a top notch channel is channel 124 P.O.T.U.S., the channel has always been a down the middle channel that just gave out facts and let the listener decide.  Part of the promo that has really rung true for me at least is “Unfiltered Political Talk” and it goes on to say something to the effect of “we play the sound in full context and let you decide”.  Well that all changed on July 30, 2012.

On July 30, 2012 POTUS introduced a new one hour show called Politics Powered by Twitter a show that is supposed to examine the impact of Twitter on daily politics.  I have been listening to this show for three days now and I have some thoughts.  The show starts out by having the the hosts spend 10-15 minutes just reading tweets from political figures and journalist, kind of throws that whole “everything in context” thing out the window now doesn’t it?  After that they interview guests with questions like “Who tweets for the candidate?” and “What goes into writing a tweet for the candidate?”, you know the kind of hard hitting questions that you’d find in a middle school news paper.

Now getting back to the first 10-15 minutes where they just read tweets, this is no better than sound bites that you see and hear all day by the corporate media.  It’s all taken WAY out of context and there is no real explanation of what the background is for the tweet, it’s just 10-15 minutes of what is basically out of context sound bites.

I have always held channel 124 P.O.T.U.S. in high regard for having integrity and not dumbing down the political news with such daily shows as Morning Briefing with Tim Farley, The Press Pool, and Stand Up with Pete Dominick.  But this new show “Politics Powered by Twitter” has made me loose a great deal of respect for the channel and the people involved with it because it brings the channel down to an infantile level, and takes a serious and well respected channel that once had a partnership with C-SPAN and reduces it down to the level of FOX and MSNBC.  If the people running P.O.T.U.S. have any sense at all they will realize what a grave mistake this show is and cancel it immediately.