The Great Train Robbery

I just finished watching The Great Train Robbery (1979) and while the best film I’ve ever seen it was a good way to kill 2 hours.  Sean Connery shows his humorous side though out the film, while Donald Suthland plays the perfect sidekick always playing to butt of the joke.  The film does get a bit slow at times but in the end the slow parts are worth sitting though.  Over all I’d say if you haven’t seen it yet give it a shot, and watch for all the innuendo.

King Lear

Well I just finished the Masterpiece Theater rendition of King Lear and even though this is the first time I have seen this play I have to say wow that was a great performance.  Masterpiece Theater always does a great job but this was one of their best.  I truly am sorry I waited this long to watch this play, it was done so well.  Fun fact two actors from The Lord of the Rings have played the part of King Lear and both were named Ian, both are Brits, both were born in the 30’s Ian Holm and Ian McKellen.

Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell

Well I just finished Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell and as always with the Kevin Smith Q&A’s it was great.  The opening with the 12 year old girl was hilarious, and she has the coolest mom!  I love how he say you can do it and just ask yourself “Why Not” instead of “Why”, I love that!  If your a fan of Kevin Smith’s work and you’ve never seen any of his Q&A’s give this a shot, you’ll enjoy it.

High Anxiety

Well I just finish the Mel Brooks film High Anxiety and I have to say it wasn’t one of Mel Brooks best films.  The film started off strong with a lot of great gags and then it just dropped off.  The first 30 minutes were great and then it just stopped being funny, and then the last 15 minutes were funny again.  It’s sad really Mel Brooks films are classics, but this one was just alright.

Apollo 18

Well I just finished watching Apollo 18 because I felt the need to punish myself, for what I don’t’ know but it’s a joke, fuck off.  This was just horrible, the film was unnecessarily grainy and choppy, the suspenseful build up was way to slow, and the monster(s) that were terrorizing them….WTF?  That was just lame.  Also fun fact in a vacuum sound can not travel so all the sound from the surface of the moon could not have been herd.

So if you were thinking of renting this turd then don’t and don’t let my suffering be in vein, I suffered through it so you don’t have to.  I know I’m your hero.