Invisible Few

You pass them every day,
Without a thought of the price they pay,
Fighting in far off lands,
While you shop for your favorite brands,
You don’t care about them,
It’s you that I condemn,
Shop all day,
Shop your life away,
Brave men will fight your war,
While your out buying more,
You say you give them support,
While relaxing at your resort,
What’s wrong with this nation,
Stuck in stagnation,
Get off your ass and demand,
End the war take a stand,
This country tis of thee,
This country that sickens me,
No one gives a damn,
What happens in Afghanistan.


Patch on sleeve,
Trident on chest,
No longer believe,
In being the best,
Believe the hype,
Live for the dream,
Never be the type,
To be on the team,
A wasted childhood,
Working for a goal,
That never could,
Be made whole,
Listen to the song,
The constant friend,
All dreams are gone,
Lost in the end.


Warriors soul worthless frame,
That is the shame,
The darkness overshadows the light,
As the soul drifts farther every night,
The glory and honor never to see,
All is lost that once wanted to be,
Do another shot take another drag,
Throw the dream into the bag,
Peace from the blade,
All the while happiness is portrayed,
Hide within an empty shell,
Living a personal hell,
Break down in tears,
Because there are no fears,
Walk through a worthless life,
Dreaming of glory brought by the knife,
Chamber the round,
Then fall to the ground,
What good will it do,
To say the final adieu.

If one truly has lost hope, one would not be on hand to say so. – Eric Bentley

Best Wort Movie / Troll 2

Well I watched the Best Worst Film a documentary about the worst film ever made Troll 2.  It was kind of funny to see clips from the movie and then see the actors 20 years later and how some were fine with the film, some hates being in it, and one went crazy.  It’s a fun look a the film made by the star of the film 20 years later.

Ok Now as for Troll 2, well it really is one the the worst films ever made, but you have to see it.  Never before has all the aspects of film making be so horribly wrong.  The acting is horrible, the story is horrible, the music is horrible, the directing is horrible, hell even the cultural references are horrible.  After saying all this if you want a good laugh watch it, it’s funny for all the wrong reasons.

If you’ve never seen Troll 2 the I would suggest watching the documentary Best Worst Film first just so you can understand the joy that this horrible movie can bring.