Designing a Great Neighborhood

I just finished the documentary Designing a Great Neighborhood on Netflix Instant and it’s defiantly and interesting film.  The whole thing is about a 27 acre plot of land in Boulder Colorado that was developed as green as possible.  It details everything from the land being taken over by the city all the way to showing the final results and how one family in their first month living there had a $7.00 electric bill, yes you read that correctly only seven dollars.  Kind of makes you want to watch this 53 minutes documentary now doesn’t it?

An open letter to SiriusXM

This was emailed to the following addresses:
If your a subscriber and listen to P.O.T.U.S. Channel 124 and am as sick of this as I am please write your own email to the addresses listed above.  Remeber we PAY for this radio service, they should play what WE want to hear!

Also if you do email let them know that Time Farley is doing a fine job at POTUS, we would just like a little more of our favorite shows, the Morning Briefing, The Press Pool, and Stand Up with Pete Dominick.

The following is my email:

I am writing you today about the programming on channel 124 otherwise known as  P.O.T.U.S.  It seems like ever since Tim Farley took over managing the channel the focus has been on post event analysis (which Mr. Farley is always a part of) and less about the scheduled programming.  While I respect Mr. Farley’s dedication to coverage I am sick and tired of hearing the same debates that I can hear on FOX (114), CNN (115), and MSNBC (117) but I choose not to listen to this because it serves no great purpose I can listen to the event and come to my own conclusions without the help of post event debate by three or four people.
I do understand when live events are broadcast and like the fact that they are since that is what P.O.T.U.S. is all about, but the post event recap for one or two hours played on a loop all night long makes me turn off the radio.  I have been a loyal subscriber for several years, I stared with XM stayed during the merger and even upgraded to XM Premier with the extra internet package.  I will be downgrading my subscription back to the basic XM since Howard Stern was the only reason I upgraded and he’s almost never on and just plays old shows and the few times he is on he’s whining about not getting paid enough.  I am also considering cancelling my subscription completely since the only reason I’ve kept it up to now was the replay of Stand Up with Pete Dominick from 9:00 – 12:00 P.M. EST.  I work at night as a courier and I have a contract that has me on the road a guaranteed four hours and three of those four hours I listen to Stand Up with Pete Dominick, now I feel lucky if I get to hear Stand Up thanks to all the post event recaps and debates.
Playing the Republican debates either live or after the fact I understand but the all night replays and post debate recap was a waste of time, again if I wanted to hear that I’d listen to FOX, CNN, or MSNBC.  And now you are replaying the “SCOTUS of POTUS” over the first two hours of Stand Up which mean I only get to hear the last hour of the show.  Also on the nights when I’m called out at 3:00 A.M. I find that “Showdown 2012” is playing in place of Stand Up followed by the Press Pool.
Stand Up with Pete Dominick is the only reason I kept my subscription after the merger, the programming quality on all SiriusXM channels went down significantly after the merger and POTUS was the only one that seemed to remain a good quality station, in fact I’d say it got better.  Now sadly POTUS is becoming just like the for profit networks and becoming more about telling you what to think about whet you just herd rather than just playing the audio and moving on, the only difference at this point is no corporate sponsored ads (just a tone of the same few channel ads every break) and no profit.
Please stop interrupting scheduled shows like Stand Up with Pete Dominick with your attempts to be like the for profit news originations and just play the shows like you did before.  If you keep interrupting the regular programming with this worth crap I’m going to save some money and cancel my subscription, I can download hundreds of podcasts for free or listen to audio books from on my smart phone and listen to them instead of listening to the radio. 
Here’s an idea, set up a new channel and call it “P.O.T.U.S. 2” and play all the stuff that you are playing over the regularly scheduled programming on that channel.  This way you can still act like the for profit media and the listeners can still hear the shows that we PAYto hear.
I will be downgrading my subscription this week back to the basic package and if nothing has changed with the POTUS programming by May 31stI will be canceling my subscription completely.
Thank you,
Mike Oplinger.

Revolution OS

Last night I watched a documentary on Netflix Instant called Revolution OS.  This was a great film, you can really see the birth of GNU and Linux and the real push for open source.  This was a great film, it was very informative and could teach the average Windows user a lot about how they are getting screwed by Microsoft. I would suggest everyone see this film, even if you have no desire to leave Windows or even if your a Machole it’s still worth watching.

Google Play to replace Android Market.

First of all here’s the story from Mashable.

Now I can understand wanting to come up with a more generalized storefront name to make people think of other things than just games, but this is a horrible name. When I think Android Market I think of a place I go to buy things, when I think Google Play I think a place to go and play games not buy things. If Google had rebanded the market Google Market than that would say what they want to say with Google Play, that you can buy something on the Google Market and use it across all out products be it phone, tablet, or computer. Google Play says WE HAVE GAMES!
Look at it from a business owners standpoint or just a high level managers standpoint, your thinking about dropping Blackberry and switching to either Apple, Android, or Windows. Ok now Apple isn’t compatible with all your Windows based business software so that’s not a good choice, Windows phone OS is built to work with Windows 8 and lets face it the company is more than likely upgrade to Windows 8 in the near future so a Windows phone is a good idea, now lets look at Android, ok Android has a lot of choice when it comes to phone models and carriers, plus they have lots of tablets and they are backed by Google which is good, but wait whats this? Google Play? So all that Google sells is games? Well I don’t want my employees just sitting around all day playing games, I want them working, I’m going with the Windows phone and the Windows MARKET!
When I think about what Google is doing I understand that they are just trying to sell to the teenage group, they have given up on the rest of the Android users and will now focus exclusively on the one sector that has no job and no income and will loose ground in market sales. I see Google Play becoming the Qwikster of Google and Android, and I think we all know how well that went for Netflix now don’t we.
Google if you feel you need to rebrand the Android Market then rebrand it the Google Market, this Google Play thing is just bad business.