A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Well I just finished watching A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas and wow was this a disappointment. First of all you have to have a 3D TV and a 3D version of the film to really get everything out of it, and since I have a 32 inch SDTV I don’t think I got everything. One that can we please stop with the 3D shit, no one is buying into it, it failed in the 1950’s the 60’s, the 70’s the 80’s the 90’s and for the past twelve years, take a hint Hollywood, 3D fucking sucks!

Ok sorry about that, back to the review. The acting was not the problem, everyone played their parts perfectly and the jokes about the real life situations of Kal Penn working at the White House and Neil Patrick Harris being gay were played off perfectly. The problem is the over emphasis on the 3D and not really paying attention to the story, it seemed like it was just a bunch of random ideas thrown together, hell there was fucking claymation! This really needs to be the last Harold & Kumar film, the producers have milked it for everything it’s worth and left the series in the gutter to twitch in pain while it dies a slow death. I understand it’s a stoner film but come on, not everyone who enjoys these films are high, maybe if they had put a little more thought into the script this wouldn’t have been a train wreck.

I’m just going to stop here, I’m to disgusted to write anymore….

The Change-Up

Well I just finished watching The Change-Up and well while it had a few funny moments it was basically just bad. It was basically just poop and sex humor with no real substance, it was basically just saying you don’t know how good you have it until it’s gone. Really the one saving grace of this film is that you get to see Olivia Wilde damn near nude, and lets face it even gay men want to see that. Overall I would say skip it, it’s really not worth it. Sad really since Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman normally put out great comedy films.

Fun side note Olivia Wilde’s real last name is Cockburn…..and the jokes just write themselves. Of course you can see why she changed it to Wilde.


Well I just finished Fracture with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling and while it wasn’t bad, you can figure it out if you just give it a little thought. Over all it was just alright, kind of fun to figure out but once you do your just left waiting to be proven right. In the end I’d say give it a watch, it’s not bad.

Now I have to this, what is it that you ladies see in Ryan Gosling? He has the face of a three year old, and he’s just an alright actor. I get the George Clooney thing, hell even I think he’s hot and I’m a guy, but I do not get this Gosling thing. I guess I just have to put him in with Justin Bieber and say I don’t get it and never want to get it! Will I avoid Ryan Gosling films from now on? No, he’s not a horrible actor it’s just that he’s not the great, he’s just ok. There are a lot more talented actors out there that a far better look than Gosling, so get worked up over them not this guy.


Well I finished the documentary Lemmy about who else, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. If your a fan of rock then you MUST see this film, it’s long as hell and you’ll enjoy every second of it! Imagine getting to see into the life of Lemmy himself, that’s what you get with this film. Also you get to hear great stories from the old days, see Lemmy perform several times, and hear a lot of great Motorhead music though out the entire film. My personal favorite part of the film was where Lemmy talked about the artists that influenced him and then you hear artists from today talking about how he influenced them. You must see this film, it was great!

Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Well I just finished Tucker & Dale vs Evil, it’s a spoof of the teenagers getting killed in the woods horror film. The gags are never ending, the stupidity is hilarious, and without giving anything away it’s funny as hell! It’s on Netflix Instant so you have no reason not to watch, and damn it it’s not a waste of time it’s totally worth it!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Well I just finished watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and well….South Park had it right in the episode The China Problem, Indie got rapped in the ass by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. I know it took me 4 years to watch this but I had to work up the courage to watch Idie get anal raped over and over. In my view there are three Indiana Jones films, then there is what ever this piece of shit was.