The Hangover 2

I am so glad I bought this film! The Hangover 2 was almost as good as the first one and the first one was great! Just like the first one this was full of funny twists, great sight gags, and Zach Galifianakis, nuf said. I have so much more to say about this film but if I do I will start to give things away, so I’ll just say this if you saw and enjoyed the first hangover, you must see The Hangover 2!

The Captains

Well I just finished watching the film The Captains, it’s a documentary by William Shatner talking to all the people who played Captain in Star Trek. Now yes it’s Shatner doing the interviewing so you will hear a lot of stories from the Shatman but if you don’t expect that then you’ll have no interest in this anyways. The film really goes into the history of the actors work, and their personal life’s. You’ll see great interviews, but I think by far Sir Patrick Stewart was the best interview (no that’s not because he’s the best captain) it’s very interesting stuff. I have only one thing negative to say about the film, Avery Brooks had to be drunk during his interview. Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula really give some great insight into what happens to the home life when your the captain on the show. Chris Pine didn’t really add much to the film, but the again other than having an actor for a dad he really had to history, so you really can’t hold that against him. Over all I’d say give it a try if your a fan of the Star Trek franchise.

Red Riding Hood

Well today I watched the film Red Riding Hood and what a waste of time that was! It takes just a few small details from the original story of Little Red Riding Hood and mixes it with mid-evil christian beliefs that then take a turn to the odd by using pre-Roman torture and catholic priests having wife and children….I am not making this up! The whole thing is bundled up, as far as I can tell since I’ve never seen any of the films, in a thin twilight look. Everything from the actors to the sparkly forest, hell the girl playing Red Riding Hood is in love with a werewolf! If I had know even half of this before renting it I would have never bothered renting this total piece of shit! Avoid at all costs!