I just finished the film Unstoppable and even though the ending is completely obvious it’s still damn good. Denzel Washington plays his part wonderfully as we’ve all come to expect from this fine actor of our time, Chris Pine is able to hold is own with Denzel Washington which is not easy. The “Inspired by True Events” that flashes at the beginning does ring true since several things were exaggerated but still not so far out there that it pulls you out of the film. If you were on the fence about this film like I was before I saw it trust me when I saw this, you will enjoy this film.

Green Street

Well I re-watched Green Street Hooligans just to see how they have aged, plus it’s just a damn good film. It a great film about two guys from different parts of the world and social standings coming together and become friends, in in the end becoming more like the other person.

Now what really made me see this film again was Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam, now I say them because well Elijah Wood is the star of Wilfred and Charlie Hunnam is the star of Sons of Anarchy both of which are hit shows on FX right now. Now how is that for coincidence?