Well I just finished Bridesmaids, um what the fuck was the hype all about? This was a typical chick flick with a few fart jokes. Everyone said this was The Hangover with women, um no The Hangover was funny as apposed to Bridesmaids which was just boring. If you have the chance to see it just read a book instead, it’s a MUCH better use of your time.

Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40

A few days ago I watched Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40, um funny as hell is about the best way to put it. I had completely forgot about his Q&A films, and damn this one was fun to watch, talk about a Q&A! I will not say anything about this since I don’t give anything away, I’ll just say this, SEE IT!


Well I watched SUPER today, wow what a waste of time. Not funny at all, the characters just came off as sad and pathetic, and the story was just stupid. Basically this was just a complete waste of time and film. The only reason I finished watching this movie was the fact that it had Ellen Page in it, and I have to say this had to be the worst performance she has ever done. Sad, just sad.

Words never spoken

Lost in this space
Dreaming of your face
A love never to be
I’m in misery
Your with your man
That’s better than
Being with me
This never will be
He’ll take care you over the years
I only leave a trail of tears
I wish you the best
May you always be blessed.