The Mouse that Roared

Earlier today I watched the film The Mouse That Roared and while I had seen it many years ago on TV I never really got the point, now that I’ve seen it on DVD I get it. The whole story it a humorous way of saying let the little people control the superpowers. Peter Sellers as always plays several parts and pulls it off wonderfully as always. Just because it was released in 1959 don’t be turned off, it still holds up even today.


Well I just finished watching the film UP and it was just an all around good movie. Lots of laughs, good story, and a nice ending….what else would you expect from a Disney movie? SQUIRREL! It a fun way to kill two hours, and I doubt anyone would be sorry that they watched it.

The Russians Are Coming

Earlier today I watched a film called The Russians Are Coming, it was alright at best. You have to remember that it was made in 1966 so if your accustomed to humor the way it is nowadays then you will most likely find this boring. My personal view on this one was it had a few funny moments but at just over two hours it really seemed to drag on and on.

I do have to say that the ending was nice right up until the last two minutes, then it was totally unbelievable. Do I believe that two groups of people can come together and see past their differences for the common good? Yes. Do I believe that the U.S. Military would look the other way when a Russian sub was surfaced less than a mile from the U.S. coastline? Not a snowballs chance in hell.

In the end I guess I would have to say, Meh.


I just finished watching the TV series Reaper on Netflix Instant and I have no idea why the hell (no pun intended) they canceled it! This was a great show, it was funny, it was smart, it was compelling, it was 42 minutes of good times! Really they was they just canceled the show without giving a proper wrap up was just wrong, I want to know what the end of season two was all about! WHAT THE HELL CW NETWORK?

If you have Netflix instant and you haven’t seen this show you really should give it a try, I know you’ll love it.

The Man Who Fell to Earth

I just finished forcing myself to sit though The Man who Fell to Earth and what a total piece of shit this was! First of all, once you finish it you will still wonder what the hell the point of this film was. Second, about half way though this 2 hour and 31 minute waste of film you will realize it’s just an excuse to play fast tempo jazz while switching between psychedelic images and nudity, both female and male. Speaking of nudity if you have ever had the desire to see the penises of Rip Torn or David Bowie then you will love this film. Yes there is A LOT of full frontal nudity, not that I mind it was much more on the female side, it’s just that it seemed like that was the point of the film, just create situations for people to get naked, there was no substance to this film! Basically just don’t see this waste of time, it was horrible!

D-Generation X: One Last Stand

Ok so I just finished watching D-Generation X: One Last Stand on Netflix Instant, and I’m a little let down by this one. I own the first DX video and it was almost all the antics of DX and was really fun to watch. This one was mostly matches with Hunter and Shawn as a tag team. The part that was kind of nice was at the end showing HBK coming out after losing a loser leaves the WWE match and as soon as he got to the ring the Undertaker came out and tipped his hat to him and walked to the back, and then HBK gave his farewell speech, which was a little dopey, but what do you expect from HBK? Though I have to admit the very end is funny, Hunter and Shawn in DX shirts standing in a tank and then can’t get the doors to close, classic DX. Over all I’d say watch it, but don’t bother renting it, it’s not that good.

Ah memories…..

Tesla: Master of Lightning

I just finished Tesla: Master of Lightning a PBS documentary showing the rise and sad fall of Nikola Tesla. I’ve watched several documentaries on Tesla and I have to admit this one was one of the best. This really goes in depth on the history of the man how was over shadowed by Thomas Edison who stole almost everything he’s famous for, something I’ve know for many years. If you are at all interested in historical documentaries then you have to see this film.


I just finished the movie Paul, oh my god was that funny! It’s all dumb humor but that doesn’t mean it’s stupid! You will be laughing all the way though the film, it was written wonderfully, and the sci fi references are hilarious. you know what I’m not going to say anything else about the film other than just to say SEE IT!

Side note after posting this: I’ve read a lot of reviews about this film after posting this review and I just want to clear something up. Everyone complained about the fact the Paul smoked, what they all failed to see was the joke behind his smoking! He spent the entire film talking about evolution and how his people were so much more advanced than humans and all the while he’s doing one of the dumbest things that humans do which is smoking. It’s a non-verbalized joke, or to say it in a manner that these people can understand, it’s a visual joke, see the humor in it and laugh dumbasses!