The Rite

I just finished watching The Rite and I have to say this was a complete waste of film. The film is very dark throughout not only in the subject but also the scene’s are very poorly lit. The whole thing is one slow build up to a VERY weak ending. Not to mention the fact that you have to read at least half the film since they are speaking Italian most of the time, and the subtitles are incredibly small so you have to be very close to the screen just to read them.

This is one of those films that proves that even a great actor like Anthony Hopkins can not save a film, in fact I thought this was one of his worst acting jobs I’ve seen. Over all I’m giving this one a one star and telling you I’ve sat though it so you don’t have to, so don’t see this stinker.

**This review has nothing to do with my disdain for organised religion, I am capable of watching films with religious subjects without letting my personal beliefs into it.**

Battle: Los Angeles

Take Independence Day, Speed, War of the Worlds (2005), Signs and Saving Private Ryan add a hint of soap opera and put in a blender and mix thoroughly, and you will have a Battle: Los Angeles smoothie.

I had to stop three times I was so damn bored with this one. Everything was so predictable, the dialog seemed like it was written by simpleton, the only reason I was willing to give this 2 stars when I rated it was the CGI was amazing. Sadly CGI alone can not save a film, even Aaron Eckhart wasn’t that great, which was disappointing since normally I think he’s a great actor. Over all I’d say wait till you can stream it and don’t waste your money renting or buying this one, just not worth the money.


Well I set up a tumblr account, the first thing I posted was a link to this blog. What’s the point you ask? There is no point, I just wanted to see why everyone thought it was so much better, I don’t see it. The whole micro-blogging thing escapes me, I prefer to just use my good old Blogger. I have a feeling that the only post I ever make on tumblr has been made already, just a link to this blog.

Can anyone explain to me why I should post to tumblr? With the G+ integration of Blogger (soon to be Google Blogs) and the fact that I already have it posting to my notes on facebook I really don’t see the need for tumblr. Now if you can give me a good reason that I’m just not seeing please tell me, who know’s you may just change my mind!

**UPDATE** In February of 2013 I linked my Instagram & Tumblr accounts and have all the pictures I post to Instagram posted on my Tumblr.  So far this is the only thing I have found to do with my Tumblr account.

In the Electric Mist

I just finished In the Electric Mist and since I’m lazy as hell I’m just going to post my Netflix review.

Ok so what the hell was the point of this movie? Just a boring movie that really seemed to have no point what so ever. The whole film introduces subplot after subplot and never brings them to a conclusion. This whole film is just a total waste of time, skip it.

**As a side note, what a shitty movie to be my 100th review.**


I just finish the film After.Life and while I love Christina Ricci and Liam Neeson, this was a complete waste of time! There was no real meaning to it, and in the end you don’t get a clear answer to what was really going on. The only upside to the whole film was the fact that Christina Ricci was nude for a decent amount of the film. Very disappointing, I was really hoping for more from this one.

Mark Halperin says "Obama acted like a dick" and armageddon is upon us.

So Mark Halperin on Morning Joe said he thought President Obama was “kind of a dick.” in a press conference the previous day, and he thought the seven second delay would work but the producer didn’t hit the right button so it went out over the air waves and when they came back from commercial he had to make an apology and then later that day he had been suspended indefinitely from just about everything.

Ok so here’s the problem, it’s not that he used the word “dick” or that he called the president a dick, it’s the fact that some one has been suspended for stating their view. Bill O’reilly stated that abortion doctors should be “taken out” and he never had to say “I’m sorry”, he never got suspended, he never had to answer for Doctor Tiller’s murder. This is what’s wrong with our world, you can turn on a TV and see violence and murder all day but if you show the naked human body that’s immoral! I’m sick of this world and it’s hypocrisy and to anyone and everyone who said that Mark Halperin had to apologize and to those who called for and did suspend him I say to you, you are the true dicks in the room.