Craig Ferguson: Does this need to be said?

I just finished Craig Ferguson: Does this need to be said? and as usual it was hilarious. Craig never disappoints, always funny, and solid humor every time. The joke he leads up to at the end is very funny, to bad it’s not his joke but he delivers with style. Great show, well worth the hour you’ll spend watching and laughing.

Whitney Cummings: Money Shot

I just finished Whitney Cummings: Money Shot and I’ll just re-post my Netflix review.

Ok so men are disgusting pigs who watch porn and she thinks men’s balls are disgusting. Women on the other hand are beautiful and just do stupid stuff to get with men. So men are evil, women are perfect. There I just saved you from wasting an hour, I just told you the basis for every lame “joke” she told. It was just total trash.

Now back to the blog, this is something I just thought of and thought I’d post.

At one point she said that men can go without shaving and it makes them look sexy, if she goes without shaving you think she’s a lesbian. Well Miss Cummings that’s not true, not shaving doesn’t make me think that your a lesbian, spending an hour bashing men makes me think that your a lesbian. But I would never call you a lesbian since that would be a huge insult to all lesbians around the world.

Also I checked out your credits on IMDB, I see that you do some work behind the camera, why don’t you stay there so we don’t have to hear your hateful loud whinny voice.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy female comics I just don’t enjoy any comic, male or female, who spends their entire show bashing the opposite sex and making lame sex jokes for a cheap laugh. Also I can’t stand any comic who spends their entire routine shouting their set, being loud doesn’t make you funny, it makes you obnoxiousness.

Black Swan

Well I just finished Black Swan, and maybe it’s because I hate Natalie Portman or maybe it because I hate ballet or maybe it’s the two combined, but I hated this film! It was very slow, the story sucked, the acting sucked (I’m bias on that one) and over all I thought it was just a waste of film.

The Tourist

Yesterday I watched The Tourist, I don’t want to say to much since I don’t want to give anything away. That having been said, you should see this film it’s full of twists and turns that you won’t see coming. Alot of people have trashed this film and those people are retarded, this was a great film.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

So I just finished watching Repo! The Genetic Opera and damn was that good! It was a very cool mix of rock and opera, some of the songs kind of reminded me of Evanescence (the first album not the second one). I’m kind of sorry I put off watching this one. I would go out and buy the DVD but Paris Hilton is in it and I will not contribute to that ugly ass worthless sack of shit, sad really since it really was good, maybe I’ll just buy the album. By the way I’d like to thank Jason for the recommendation on this one, so thank you.

Oil Companies Subsidies

Ok so the oil companies want to keep their precious subsidies while charging the American people ridiculous prices and the entire time the corporate puppets in D.C. are arguing to let them keep them instead of representing us the voters. Here is my suggestion on how we can reach a compromise, the oil companies can keep their subsidies but as long as they do they come under the thumb of the federal government who is giving them the subsidies so therefor the government can and will impose a cap on the amount that these companies can charge the consumer at the pump. This cap should be what would be considered “fair” so I say it should be set at $3.00 a gallon, and any company found to be charging more than that will be fined $1 million dollars per store per day, and all fines will go to subsiding alternative sources of energy.

Lets face it 70% of the oil that comes out of United States held territory is sent off to other parts of the world for profit that we in the USA never see, there is no patriotism in capitalism so why should we care if we hurt the oil companies who are making record profits every year while the rest of the country suffers? It’s about time we force a little patriotism on them!


I am against circumcision of both genders but I am going to present some views which may seem to contradict that statement. First let look at the medical issues, yes there is some rare cases where you need to remove the male foreskin at birth but they are very rare. Some times the issues present them self later on in life at which point it is a bit more difficult to preform the procedure, but it’s not impossible. Some say that urinary tract infections are more common in un-circumcised boys, this has never been fully proven and it is thought that if the parents took better care of their infant sons this would not be a problem.

Second, aesthetic issues some people just want the son to look like the father and that’s a self serving issue, and by the way what is the father doing comparing is penis to is son’s? Some women say the un-circumcised penis is ugly and they do it to make it look better, well what if I said the Clitoral hood is ugly and I think it should be removed? Oh wait that’s called Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and that’s wrong, but Male Genital Mutilation (MGM) that’s fine, infact every boy should have it done at birth! Tell you what we men won’t decide for you if you can have an abortion or not and you don’t butcher our dicks, deal?

My view is if it’s wrong to cut an infant girl genitals then it’s wrong to cut an infant males genitals. If there is a medical reason then fine but this local anesthetic shit has got to stop, watch this VIDEO and tell me if you think this infant boy is feeling any pain! Seriously, this barbaric practice needs to be outlawed. I look at it this way, women want equal right, that’s fine, but if you want to be equal then you better give up your right not to be cut between the legs right after birth or you should stop cutting up your son’s right after birth! Fair is fair.

The Book of Eli

A few days ago I watched The Book of Eli, and I can sum it up this way. If you thought Mad Max was way to fast paced, lacked scripture, and the whole going after gas thing was crazy and they should have been going after a bible, then you’ll love this film. If your sane you’ll be like me and hate the hell out of the film and if you watch it you will be VERY sorry you did. So yes it sucked.

KITT is dead.

Well I got a call today just before 9:00 A.M. from my mechanic who I sold the Firebird to and he said “you need to get down here now”. When I got to the shop I found out how bad it was, all the lines were rusted and had blown out on the test firing, and the under body and frame were so rusted out that the frame had twisted. So it was decided that there was no way to save it, it was just way to far gone. So we called the scrap yard, they came picked up the car, gave me a check for $320.00 since he hadn’t transferred the title yet, so I watched them take it way one last time then went cashed the check and gave the money to Rocky (my mechanic). So there you have it, I just had to send my dream car to the scrap yard. When I got home, I had a beer and just sat there for a while depressed, this is just the shittiest day.

There it is, the last time I saw my car.