A letter to Netflix.

I am writing this to Netflix since their contact page just sends you in a loop back to that same page, and when I call the help number I get a busy signal so I figure I’ll just put it out there and see what happens.

I was just wondering why my instant queue keeps taking random titles and moving them to the bottom of my queue. Some times it’s one title some times it’s more, I’ve had over 10 titles moved the bottom of my queue before. Last week I moved the same three titles every day, and then it stopped and I thought maybe you had gotten this problem fixed, then today I log on to find that 5 titles are at the bottom of my queue.

Now I know this may seem like something that shouldn’t be a big issue, and really it’s not hurting me, it’s just annoying. I have an upgraded membership with FeedFlix and so I order my instant queue according to expiry dates so that I won’t miss out on seeing a title that I want to see. Now when you reorder my queue for me without telling me, that screws up that plan, again it’s not the worst thing in the world it’s just annoying to have to check every day then figure out where each title goes in the list. So please look into this problem, I don’t know how many other people are having this problem but I’m getting really sick of it.

Agian the reason I resorted to this blog post was due to the fact that your “Contact Us” link just sends me in a loop back to the very same page, and when I called your help number (1-866-716-0414) I got a busy signal not put on hold, I just couldn’t get though. I just wanted to alert you to this issue and now I have to admit I’m getting kind of pissed due to the lack of customer service I can find. I remember when I signed up in the summer of 2003 if I had a problem I could go to the help page, write I message in the box provided and get a response by email within an hour. Now in 2011 there is no way to send an email and the phone number is a busy signal! Netflix I love you, but you really need to shape up on the help page, this is just shameful.

Due Date

So I downloaded Due Date on my PS3 and after I got home I watched it. What to say what to say…I think the only reason I was disappointed was that I had hoped it would be like another The Hangover and I just had my exceptions WAY to high. Not to say that it wasn’t funny, it just left something to be desired, I can’t tell you what but I just know that while I enjoyed it I don’t think I’ll buy it, maybe after the price comes down I will but right now it’s just not worth twenty bucks. Having said that I do have to say it’s well worth watching, it will make you laugh though out the whole film.

Whip It

I just finished the movie Whip It and lets face it is just about a bunch a bitches….to those of you won’t can’t read sarcasm, that was a joke. No really Whip It was a great film, kind of a stereotypical teen is miserable teen find something teen enjoys, teen must face parents, parents accept and support, teen is happy, movie ends. That being said it’s still worth a watch it will make you laugh though out and feel good at the end, and in the end isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Oh yeah I should put a disclaimer, this film stars the gorgeous Ellen Page and since I’m madly in love with her I’m a little bias, but I’m still able to say I didn’t like a movie even if she’s in it, I just can’t seem to find one to say that about!

Jonah Hex

I just finished watching Jonah Hex and I don’t see why so many people hated it. Maybe because I never read the comic and only know what I know about the character from Batman: The Animated Series maybe I just don’t get it, but from some one who has no background on the character is is basically a clean slate I’d have to say it was really good. Anyone who didn’t like it just tell me why you didn’t like it so maybe I can understand your side, because right now I’m not seeing it. Oh by the way if you haven’t seen it give it a shot it’s pretty good.

Easy A

I just finished watching Easy A and I have to say it’s a great film; I was hesitant about it because I thought it would be just another teen love film but it is not. The film is well written, deals with an issue no one wants to talk about (sex among high schoolers), has great humor though out the film, and even has some great references to eighties teen films (I know not cool for a 27 year old guy to think that’s good but I love The Breakfast Club and most of the movies with the brat pack, and yes I am listening to “Simple MindDon’t You Forget About Me” as I write). I think what I like the most about this film is the humor has some intelligence to it, well most of the time, I really like it when a film can make me laugh with out the easy way out fart joke. Honestly the only thing I didn’t like about this film was the fact that it had Lisa Kudrow in it, I just can not stand her. If you haven’t seen this Easy A I would highly suggest you see it, it is very enjoyable and will not leave you feeling disappointed when it’s over.


So I just finished watching Watchmen, I had to stop the first time since I couldn’t take it any more. Now let me ask those of you who told me I had to see it why exactly was this film the most amazing film ever made in the whole history of forever! Oh wow superheroes with problems, thats never been done before, Batman never saw his parents murdered right in front of him, Ironman never had a drinking problem, The Punisher never had his entire family murdered, and of couse The Boy Scout never had his entire fucking planet blown up, so yeah superheros with problems….never been done before…

The only part that wasn’t total shit in this turd sandwich was the way they saved the planet, I have to admit that I liked that, but thats more of a 20 minute cartoon story not a two hour film story. So in the end anyone who told me I had to see this film get your shit together because I’m coming to get you! Of course once I’ve got you I’m going to duct tape you to a chair, then duct tape your eyes open and make you watch 24 hours of justin bieber concerts. Payback is a bitch.

Inglourious Basterd

I just finished Inglourious Basterds and it’s just another shitty Quentin Tarantino film, what a surprise! First of all you have to read most of the film and if I wanted to read I’d get a fucking book! Second it skips around A LOT, it’s not the easiest film to follow. I’m sorry I ever wasted my time on this one, thats two hours of my life I’ll never got back!


I just finished watching the TV mini-series Alice and what a weird (in a good way) take on the story it was! It’s very futuristic and deals with the decedent of the original Alice from the story, and how she helps bring peace to the world that her ancestor left behind. It’s 3 hours long and I had to watch it in two parts since I had to finish it after I got back from work, but that in no way means I couldn’t have watched it all the way though if I had the chance. If you every get a chance to see this take on the classic story definitely take the chance and give it a shot.

democrats and republican messaging machines.

I’ve herd a lot of people talking about the democrats messaging machine and the republicans messaging machine in reference to the way they each get out their message to the American people (you know buy duct tape, watch your neighbor their more than likely a terrorist, vote for me) and I would like to give my views on this.

The democratic messaging machine: The democrats are using a morse code machine, they get their message out but 90% of the population has no idea what it means. The only exception (as far as I can see) is President obama, during the campaign he was running on a Linux OS with a broadband connection, but after he got into office he downgraded to windows 95 and dial-up.

The republicans are using 1960’s and 1970’s broadcast TV, they come out every day spew out a bunch of lies and then wait till the next day to say something different. They are effective and they do make lots of people believe them, “death Panels” anyone, and you have to give them credit for that. And yes I see the irony in saying that they are like TV since fox news is their own private press core.

So maybe what we need is a new government office, “The Office of No Bullshit” they come out every day have a press conference give us the facts and then publish them on the web for everyone to see. Wouldn’t that be nice? An independent nonpartisan government office (like the CBO) that tells us the truth. But what am I thinking, how would the lier’s on both sides control the message! Oh well it was a nice thought!