The Town

I just finished watching The Town and all I can say is what a great film! Another chapter added to the Boston crime series, and what a great addition. Strong acting though out the entire film keeps you drawn in, plenty of action to break up the dialog, and a very compelling story. Overall just a top notch film!

The American

I just managed to get though The American and I think I can sum it up like this, very slow, very boring, and in the end you will ask “what was the point of this?” trust me skip this stinker.


Tonight after I got back in town I stopped by walmart and picked up the Blue-Ray special edition of RED, I hadn’t seen it yet so I know this was a stupid thing to do but as luck turns out it was a good idea! When they say action comedy they aren’t kidding! Humor is peppered though out this film and almost as much action is also peppered though out it making for a fun two hours. John Malkovich is great as a crazy man, Bruce Willis has his Die Hard wit, and the rest of the cast has some good jokes as well. I would definitely suggest this one to anyone, it’s great!

In the cut

So I just finished In the cut…basically very slow, very boring, and very pointless. I have no clue what the point of this cinematic turd was, well other than to show Meg Ryan topless…btw I’m now gay….just joking it wasn’t that bad but nothing I’d want to see again. Really I gave it a 1 star on netflix only due to the fact that they don’t have negative stars. DO NOT WATCH THIS TURD!

Dilbert the animated series.

I’ve been watching Dilbert: The Animated Series on Netflix and I have to say if you are a fan of the comic strip DO NOT WATCH THIS CARTOON! The show doesn’t hold up to the strip at all, in fact if it were not for Dogbert I wouldn’t have even bothered to finish the series. The first few episodes were good but then it just goes down hill and gets to the point were your thinking “what the hell is this?” really just skip this one if you were thinking about watching it, it’s just bad.


I just finished watching Machete and damn was it good! Just a great action comedy, plenty of action, plenty of humor, plenty of naked women! It is funny how a film with all thoughts topics can be based on such a serious subject (US/Mexico border politics) who knew it could be done? Robert Rodriguez brings his usual style to film making, which is why it works, with over the top action and humor though out. Also there is some firsts here, the first time a man has been crushed by a low rider on the way down, also the first (studio) film to have Lindsy Lohan naked in it, she looks good, but I still wouldn’t touch her…ok maybe…. I was disappointed with Jessica Alba’s performance though, I really felt she left alot to be desired (and no not just because she kept her cloths on) her performance just seemed weak. Over all it was a great film, mindless violence, mindless sex, political relevance, and at times cheezy effects and cheezy (at times) actions taken by the characters. Understand that you shouldn’t take this one to seriously because no one in the film did either, they just were out to make a great film, not a serious film. And they succeeded! Now go out and see MACHETE!

The State.

I just finished The State, this was a funny show, with some great ideas. I do see why the show only made it three seasons, by the end it seemed like their were really running out of ideas. A fun watch never the less!

La Femme Nikita

Well I just finished La Femme Nikita Season 5 Disc 3, the final disc in the series. I have to say it was a very well done show altogether, all five seasons were done brilliantly and the last episode kept you guessing every minute right up till the last five minutes! If you haven’t seen this show defiantly go to Netflix and rent the whole series, make a BIG bag of popcorn and sit back and enjoy yourself! Oh and yes this was based on the film Nikita which the film Point of No Return was also based but don’t let either of those two cloud your judgment, this show was nothing like the films, they just all have the same basic premise.