Run Fatboy Run & Sniper School.

I watched Run Fatboy Run and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Though I expected it to be funny, and it was, it also had a nice ending. Simon Pegg delivers as always, and the supporting cast complemented him very well. If you haven’t seen this one I would suggest it.

Sniper School is a Discovery Channel special about the US Army Sniper School, and I can think of only one person who would care about this and he doesn’t read this. It was very well done, very informative, and for someone like me who admires Snipers it was great.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

I just finished Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and while it was good, it was definitely not as good as Wall street. It really seemed to just run on and on, also it seemed to just jump from one point to another. I have lost all hope in Oliver Stone starting with Alexander and ever since he has nothing but crap. I’m really sorry I bought the two pack of Wall Street and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, the only redeeming factor is the original.

Just deleted myspace account.

So I just deleted my myspace account, I never logged into the damn thing and the only reason I kept it was for a message I wanted to keep and guess what even though I put it into my saved folder they deleted it anyway! I did have a copy on my desktop but it’s gone and I don’t know why. So fuck myspace.

Also have you seen the “new” myspace? That is the worst fucking site! Every time I would try to click on something it would pop up with something else then when I would try to get rid of the pop up it would take me to a different page and I’d have to start all over again! So fuck myspace, I never logged in anyways. Also if you still have a myspace and I was friends with you then you will notice that I’m gone, thats why.

Auggie Smith on Bob and Tom.

I was listening to Bob and Tom and they replayed a bit from Auggie Smith talking about children on leashes. I will post as much as I can remember but you have to find it and listen to it your self because I can’t do it justice.

Have you seen the kids being led around on a leash? What the hell are their parents thinking, did they have the baby and get a dog at the same time and could only afford the one book? Do these parents also have a baby stake in the front yard with a chain on it? And I sure that being on a leash as a young child won’t affect these people when their forty, I can see them now sitting in the psychiatrist’s office as they unzip their mouth and take the ball gag out and say doc I guess this all started when the most important person in my life during my formative years would put me on a leash and walk me around the mall and then pull my pants down and spank me in front of everyone when I did something wrong.

Now again I can’t now do this justice but you get the idea, it was VERY funny!

Why you should never invent, only improve.

Thousands of years ago some guy baked the first loaf of bread from scratch, with no recipe and not knowing what he was doing at all. Then another guy comes along with a knife and that’s the one we always hear about! Moral of the story, don’t bake the bread, just cut it!