Clash of the Titans

I just finished Clash of the Titans and damn was it good. Now let me say upfront that I have not seen the original from 1981, but I have seen clips from it and of course with todays technology the remake was better. The story move quickly, plenty of action, and Liam Neeson is Zeus…thats right the Irishmen is the king of the Gods! Suck on that Queen Elizabeth!…wait he’s a traitorous northern Irish, fuck…well at least he comes from the correct island just not the true Irish part…well Zeus is part Irish and part traitor bastard, half Irish is better than full English!

Oh by the way see Clash of the Titans….

Harry Brown

I watched the film Harry Brown today and I have to say even though it was a little slow, it was very good. It’s a dark movie, it’s a little sad at times, but even with it’s slow pace it keeps you interested. I rented it from a Blockbuster Kiosk since I’ve never used one and wanted to try it out, and I’m glad I did it was $1.07 well spent. I’ve been trying to get it from Netflix ever since it came out on DVD and never could get the damn thing so it was nice to pick it up today, watch it and take it back, all in the same day. Getting back to the film, if you were on the fence about this one I’d say watch it, just understand it does start off slow but it picks up a little and it will hold your attention. In other words it’s worth the time.

Pope Benedict XVI in the UK.

Fist read the story.

Ok, now so the pope thinks that religion should be forced into politics even though the law and the people say it shouldn’t be. I know it’s not the same in the UK as it is here in the US but in England they don’t even want to know what your religion is if your running for office, they understand that the issue is how they will govern not how they pray, and that is one of the thing s I really like about England. The only reason the pope is doing this historic trip to the UK is because people are waking up and realizing that organized religion is a sham and they don’t want some old, never married, out of tough man telling them what they can and can not do. The catholic church says that condoms are wrong even though they help prevent the spread of AIDs, that masturbation is wrong, and basically every free thought you have is wrong and that you should just be a mindless drone doing what ever the church tells you. Just to show you how out of touch they are it was just within the last ten years that they said they were wrong for the inquisition! What you are seeing in this trip is a bunch of power hungry old men, who have more money than some countries, seeing that they are loosing power and are doing everything they can to try to hold on to what they have and keep their money. By they way on the money issue, the UK is paying for this visit while the vatican is keeping all it’s dirty money, isn’t that nice? I say if you want to do a state visit or any kind of visit you should damn well have to pay for it, when the pope comes to the US I hope like hell that the US government says you will be paying for your own visit, I know they won’t but a man can dream can’t he?

If your in the UK I say protest the pope, and demand to know why you as a taxpayer have to pay for him to come to your land and disrespect your way of life!

A Scanner Darkly

I just finished A Scanner Darkly and it was horrible, and the animation only made it worse. The story was written at a fifth grade level, and made little sense. I understood what the “message” was but it’s been done over and over and this was a very dumbed down version with a unrealistic “near future” twist. I really am sorry I wasted my time with this one, I’m just glad I watched it on my instant queue and didn’t waste a rental on it. If you haven’t seen this one DO NOT SEE IT!

Star Trek

So I just finished the “Star Trek” movie, I put that in quotes since it’s not really a Star Trek based film. The treky in my say’s it’s total crap and every one involved should be taken out and shot, the movie fan in me say’s it was just ok and J. J. Abrams should be taken out and shot. It really was just horrible, it kept names and shit all over everything else that had happened before. I know it’s a “reboot” but come on! Fuck J. J. Abrams, and Paramount Pictures for making this.

The International

I just finished watching The International and I didn’t think it could be done but they did it! This film was both intriguing and boring at the same time! The acting was fine, story was interesting and a very good idea, but it was SLOW, it just didn’t hold my attention.

Punisher War Zone.

I just finished forcing myself to sit though Punisher War Zone…I should get an award for having made it to the end! Lets put it this way the best part is the credits due to them having decent music, other than that this was just horrible! Ray Stevenson was horrible, the story sucked so much it could suck a black hole into it! Really the only good thing about this “movie” was the music during the credits. I can’t go on, just never see it I’d hate to see you hurt yourself for watching it.