So I just watched the movie Legion and I have to say not a bad film. The lighting could have been better in some parts, and the fight scene was a bit blurred but over all not a bad film.

How to Be a Serial Killer

So I just finished the movie “How to Be a Serial Killer” and it was funny, that is if you enjoy black comedy. It starts off like a self help infomercial and then jumps back and forth between the infomercial where he goes through his lessons and the story of him teaching his pupil, and every time they make it he jump from a lesson it ties in with the story of his pupil. I have to say I’ve put off watching this for a while and now I wish I hadn’t. It is a black comedy about murder so keep that in mind if you are thinking about watching it, but if you love black comedy watch it, it is funny!

Ghost in the Shell.

Ok I finished Ghost in the Shell 2.0 and damn I never new an anime could be so good. Yes I’m not a fan of anime and I have no clue why I added this to my instant queue and then watched it, but I’m glad I did! Now I see why the Wachowski brothers used the film as a pitch for The Matrix.

Movie Time!

1. Sleeping Dogs Lie. This was an independent film written by Bobcat Goldthwait about keeping secrets in a relationship. It’s both funny and sad, and not what you would think would come from Bobcat Goldthwait.

2. Strike (a.k.a 7-10 Split). Another indie film but this time more of a comedy. It won’t be the best film you ever see but it’s a fun way to kill some down time, it made me laugh. Also the cameos that they got for this film are amazing.

3. I want Candy. Yet another indie film but this time from the UK. This film is number three for a reason, not thats it’s bad just that it’s not the best. It’s about two film students who in an effort to make their film agree to make it into a porno. Again not the best film but just not the best, it had it’s moments but over all not that great.

4. Death of a President. A British mockumentary about the assassination of President George W. Bush. It’s an interesting look at what would happen after he had been killed and the motives for the shooting. I would say this is defiantly worth a watch.

I know this hasn’t been much of a review but I’ve never been good at writing movie reviews, and besides I’m watching Ghost in the Shell 2.0 right now.

Sex Drive Unrated.

So I watched the unrated version of sex drive earlier this morning on netflix instant and damn was it funny. I see why it had to be unrated, full frontal nudity of both male and female, gentlemen if you don’t want to see mens junk flopping around don’t watch the unrated version, but on the other hand if you can get over it and are secure enough in your sexuality it is worth it to see all the random female nudity…and there is alot of random female nudity. Oh yeah and it’s funny as hell.

Fun fact that I didn’t know till I looked up the film online, the older brother “Rex” is played by James Marsden the same guy who played Scott Summers / Cyclops in the X-MEN movies and the boyscout / Superman in Superman Returns.

The tease at the end is just wrong, the girl is so damn hot…it’s the only part of the movie I hate the producers for. But still if you haven’t seen it give it a shot, it’s so worth it!

Soul Assassin.

How to sum this up, well a very weak story, horrible acting, an annoying blue filter during the whole film, and not ten minutes going by with out an annoying strobe effect leading to almost unrecognizable “flashbacks”. It never ceases to amaze me what people with waste perfectly good film on. The only good thing I can say about this waste of time is that I watched it on my instant queue and didn’t waste a full rental on it. If your one of those hard core christians that whips yourself, skip the whipping and watch this it’s more painful.

XIII: The Conspiracy

So I just finished XIII: The Conspiracy and I have to say I had my doubts but it was good. I didn’t know at first it was based on a game, but that didn’t really matter for me, it was good anyway. It’s basically a slightly lower budget Bourne Identity mixed with just a hint of Shooter, but instead of just trying to find out who he is and avoid arrest, the main character (Stephen Dorff) is trying to stop a massive government take over by religious extremists with a nuke. It may sound like it should be bad but it was actually good, and they set it up for a squeal which if they make I would watch. So if you’ve got the time, and have a chance give it a try it’s a little long but it’s worth the time.