My own worst enemy.

I just finished watching My own worst enemy and it’s an interesting idea for a spy show but I just don’t think it was writing well. The acting was great, the idea holds interest, the plot and sub plots keep the show moving, but still I was not that into it, I really think the way it was written was the problem. I’d say give it a try, but make it a rental, not a buy.

From Paris with love

So I just finished from Paris with love, not a bad movie. It’s a typical action spy movie but not as far out a James Bond. The acting is very well done, the story is decent, and the only thing I found to be done poorly was the car explosion which was totally unbelievable. Basically it’s a fun action spy flick that will kill some time and let you relax and enjoy.

Edge of Darkness.

I just finished edge of darkness and I am so happy it’s over. First of all the entire movie is VERY slow, I had a very hard time staying focused. Second the story has a lot of plot holes, and in some parts really doesn’t make much sense. I gave it three stars on netflix since it was a decent film, but defiantly a one time watch.