Wilted Flower.

It’s done,
My world no longer undone,
Wash away the pain,
Of something I’ll never attain.

I’ve had enough,
Damn that was rough,
The memories remain,
These memories I’ll always retain.

Now I can be alone,
And let my heart turn back to stone,
Lock the door,
Forever more.

Don’t try to understand,
I can withstand,
If you question,
You’ll get no confession.

You were an obsession,
That became depression,
I’m better off alone,
This I’ve always known.

Lonesome soldier forever on.

Push me away,
What did I say,
One more day,
Then you’ll go away.

Back into the black,
Where I can pull back,
Alone again and glad,
Alone again and sad.

I can’t explain,
This massive pain,
You’ll be out of my sight,
After this night.

This is tearing me apart,
Tearing out my heart,
You’ll be happy with out me,
This I know for thee.

Alone again on the brink,
Take another drink,
I’ll always be alone,
This I’ve always known.

The damage is done.

My hearts an empty space,
When I look in your face,
The pain it brings,
Forever to me stings.

You drive me to drink,
When of you I start to think,
This I can no longer bare,
I’m in such despair.

I think of you all day and night,
I’ll be your white knight,
But you’ll never know,
These words to you I won’t show.

Down a beer,
The choice is clear,
For you not to be grim,
You have to be with him.

Set me free,
This is my plea,
You’re always on my mind,
But now I must leave you behind.


One jack one Killian’s,
Your one in a billion,
I love you,
And you have no clue.

Take me away from here,
Someone get me another beer,
God why love him,
For you I’d cut off a limb.

I love you,
And you have no clue,
So here I drink,
You have no clue what I think.

I see you talk about him,
I get more grim,
Your earrings make me think of him,
Deeper in the bottle I swim.

I love you and you’ll never know,
You saying his name is a mortal blow,
I want you to be happy,
Even if it’s not with me.

So here I sit writing this rhyme,
And you couldn’t give a dime,
I love you and you’ll never know,
God damn I’m so high yet so low.

I’m destined to be alone,
This truth is known,
Here’s my goodbye,
Now can I just fucking die.

Not half bad for a drunk SOB. Well at least I think so but I’m drunk so who give’s a flying fuck what I think? Black Label Society and Killian’s Irish Red…need I say fucking more?