Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

So I just finished watching Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter…I shit you not. As it says on the Wikipedia page “It’s so bad it’s good” and yes it truly is bad. I have to say though I did laugh several times. I guess if your looking to kill about an hour and a half give it a shot. Day walking vampires killing lesbians, jesus killing vampires, and a masked mexican wrestler as jesus’s right hand man! Now admit it you want to see this!

Laurie Burke the voice of Google Voice.

Laurie Burke the voice of Google Voice has a YouTube page, CLICK HERE IF YOU CARE, and I am the six hundredth and sixty sixth person to view here page, yes that right 666. I just found it funny, if your wondering why I was looking at here YouTube page I just wanted to see the face behind Google Voice and in my search I ended up on here page.

Obamas not the only one!

Well since President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize less than a year into his first term I started going through cereal boxes looking for my own prize, and guess what after dumping out hundreds of boxes of Swedish cereal I found the prize inside! Yes that right the golden ticket!…Medal…What ever. So know it’s Nobel Peace Prize finding Laureate oppy1984 to you!

And now I’m going to use my status and create my own prize one that shows when something has run it’s course and needs to just go away, something or some one who has, well lets say “jumped the shark”, you know run it’s course and isn’t taken seriously any more. I’m going to call it “The Death Knell Peace Prize” Death Knell for those of you who don’t know means “The tolling of a bell announcing death”.
So without further ado my first winner of The Death Knell Peace Prize is…The Nobel Peace Prize! Congratulations! The Winner can claim their prize right after hell freezes over since I won’t be giving out any money. But if you wish to display the picture on your website, or print it out and frame it please be my guest. But I do ask that if you display it on your website add a link back to my blog so I can get more readers. Again congratulations you washed up shit bag.

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize.

Yep it’s true Friday, October 9th 2009 the sitting President of the United States was announced as the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Well good for him, I think you should have to serve at least a full 365 days before you get it but hey I don’t make the rules. And now President Barack Obama is in the company of former President Jimmy Carter…maybe thats not a good thing…but hey he’s also in line with former Vice President Al Gore…again maybe not the best thing…Well there’s Henry Kissinger…shit a war criminal…ok well Martin Luther King Jr. ok there we go we got one!
But really good for him, it will be interesting to see what he does with the over one million dollars that comes with the award…maybe he could put it in the health care fund!
Here are the Wikipedia pages if you care enough:
Oh and heres a fun side note there were three people nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but were rejected by the committee: Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, and saving the best for last…drum roll please………….Adolf Hitler! Again they never even had a chance of winning but still the fact remains they were nominated!…wow…just wow.

Shadow of the Vampire.

Ok I just finished Shadow of the Vampire, to sum it up it’s dark, it twisted, it’s suspenseful, it’s great! See this movie, and make sure to turn off the lights.


So Saterday night I saw Zombieland and let me say this is one of the funniest movies of the year! Great movie, nothing more can be said. Hell I might go see it again and this time take Adam no matter how much he doesn’t want to go!

Just see this movie, trust me you won’t regret it!